Kerry, With Kasoulides, Cites “Exciting” Progress toward Peace in Cyprus

WASHINGTON, DC – Secretary of State John Kerry and Cyprus Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides emerged together  at the State Department on May 13 to deliver joint comments to the press about measures being taken to bring a lasting peace to Cyprus.

“We are working on the issue of trying to find a peace for Cyprus, a reunification of the island, on a bizonal bicommunal federation policy, Kerry said, as he praised Kasoulides and Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades for their leadership on this matter. “We are very supportive” of the initiative to achieve a “long-sought-after solution.”

Kerry also announced that he plans to visit Nicosia and Athens in the next few months if not weeks, and that the United States respects Cyprus’ efforts on a number of fronts. He called Cyprus a “strategic partner” in multiple initiatives, most importantly in the removal of chemical weapons from Syria.  There are a lot of “exciting things” happening in Cyprus, Kerry said, and “we have a lot to talk about today.”

Kasoulides thanked Kerry for the support of the United States, and emphasized how important a role the international community can play – a “quorum” he called it – toward achieving a solution to the Cyprus problem.