Sneak Preview from Travel Edition: Poros

The National Herald’s Travel Guide to Greece hits the newsstands this weekend!  Here’s a sneak preview of one of the articles about great vacations spots for this summer.

The Picturesque Port of Poros

Each offering their own flavor and tradition, Greek islands are magical destinations to experience during all times of the year. If you prefer the waterside to mountain villages, then island hopping may be your definition of a perfect getaway. The island of Poros in the Argo-Saronic Gulf is close to Athens, yet so far away. The charming port of Poros is among the most lovely in Greece, as is traditionally packed with seafaring vessels of all
sorts during the sailing season, while picturesque houses line the background of this lively waterfront.
Sailing into Poros port during dusk or dawn, the mellowing pastel hues of periwinkle, dusty blue, light pink, and contrasting yellow-orange make for a memorable relaxing scene. And with its characteristic clock tower marking the port’s highest point in the distance, a visit to Poros island will surely be remembered.
Once on land, the clock tower’s bell chimes will follow you around the port early in the morning and well into the night. The port of Poros is host to a number of restaurants, cafes, bars, and clubs, which allow for a seamless transition from dinner to drinks and music until the early morning. Watch a film at the outdoor cinema, look for the perfect souvenir at a variety of local shops, or explore the winding stone paths of this
amphitheatrically-built port neighborhood on your way to a breathtaking panoramic view from the Poros clock tower. And don’t forget your camera!