National Herald Founder Petros Tatanis Honored

By Vasilis Kapsis

AMALIADA, Greece – The home the late Petros Tatanis, founder of the parent publication of TNH, the “Ethnikos Kirix” in 1915, has been transformed into a museum of the Press of Hellenes Abroad in Amaliada, Greece.{50944}{50945}
The home was renovated by the municipality of Ilida.
The inauguration took place on August 19 in a special ceremony attended by hundreds of people including many Greek-Americans and also Greek-Canadians. Local civil authorities and representatives were present at the ceremony ,including Metropolitan of Eleia Germanos.
Professor George Dolianitis was the keynote speaker. Dolianitis has established the Dolianitis Library and he is known for collecting historic newspapers, magazines, and books mostly published in the Diaspora. Through the pages of those publications one sees the Diaspora Greeks’ lives, struggles, and the achievements, and the nostalgia, concern, and care for the Greek motherland.
Many Kirix editions as well as periodical editions, from the 1920s and 1930s, were displayed.
A message of Antonis H. Diamataris the publisher-editor of the Kirix and TNH, was read during the ceremony congratulating the event’s organizers. “I congratulate you for your initiative to honor your copatriot, Petros Tatanis, the founder of TNH in 1915, a Greek Patriotic Newspaper. Tatanis has contributed extremely valuable service to the motherland and also offered so much to the Greek-American Community to preserve its Hellenic cultural heritage.” Diamataris also wrote that as the current publisher he feels “deep gratitude and obligation to continue the publication of this historic newspaper and to keep it on the high level worth of its great founder.”
Ilida Mayor Giannis Limperis spoke about the difficult task of the renovation of Tatanis home and he called “a jewel for the region.” Limperis also said that “there are some things that are not in place yet, but I am confident that it will be completed soon.”{50947}{50946}
Metropolitan Germanos of Eleia and Parliament members George Kontogiannis and Effie Georgopoulos-Saltaris and Giannis Koutsoukos greeted the gathering. Present also were Kostas Koutroubis, president of the Paneleian Federation of America and Canada and also Eleni Pappas, former president of the Paneleian Association of New York.