Greek Authorities Investigate Caratzas, Likely for Espionage

Greek-American publisher and business consultant Aristide D. Caratzas is being investigated by the Greek Justice Department for reasons unknown to him and undisclosed to him by the authorities, he told TNH, even as the authorities searched his home on March 14 and seized a number of documents.

Most likely, Caratzas, who consults various Israeli companies that seek to invest in Greece, is suspected of spying for the Israeli and American governments.  A related article, in fact, appeared in the Greek newspaper, To Vima, reporting that he is being targeted for spying.

The Greek Justice Department recently targeted another Greek-American expatriate, Alex Rondos, based on his involvement with NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) during his tenure as head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The news website Crash reported about a connection between Caratzas and Rondos with regards to American-Israeli interests.

Caratzas told TNH that Rondos is his friend, and even though he might disagree with him about many things, that it should not be overlooked that Rondos is the highest-ranking Greek official in the EU.