Land of Centaurs: Mount Pelion

In Greek mythology Mount Pelion, named after Achilles’ father King Peleus, was an area inhabited by the mysterious centaurs. Famous among these half men half horse creatures was Chiron the Centaur who coached and mentored great heroes like Theseus, Hercules, Achilles, and Jason.

Located in Central Greece, with great panoramic views of both the mountains and sea, Mount Pelion can be enjoyed during all seasons of the year. The Pelion area is home to twenty-four beautiful mountain villages built with traditional stone architecture sporting carved grey, blue, and green slates.

Possessing thick forestry, Mt. Pelion is covered in a variety of green including oak, maple, and chestnut trees, making it a great destination for nature lovers interested in adventure. Discovering these grounds up close is extra special with the myth of the centaurs following visitors through stone paths and trails that lead to springs, beaches, coves, streams, gorges, orchards, and other wonderful natural sites. In the wintertime, skiing from the snowy points of the mountain is a popular activity.

For fans of great food, a local dish that should be tasted is the spentzofai, a savory pork sausage and green pepper stew. Pelion is also famed for its orchard fruit including a variety of apples and plums.

Because the region of Pelion is comprised of many villages and areas of interest, it is best to travel by car and visit multiple locations. Some of the main villages of Pelion include Milies, Tsangarada, Zagora, Portaria, and Makrinitsa.