2300 Greeks Per Day Lose Health Care

ATHENS – With Greek Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis being assailed by critics who said he doesn’t care about people’s suffering because of big cuts in the system, another report shows 2300 Greeks every day are losing access to free or subsidized healthcare.

That was the claim from the acclaimed non-governmental organization (NGO) Doctors of the World, also known as Medecins du Monde or MdM.

Speaking as part of a series of events organized to mark Greece’s tenure as European Union president, representatives from the group warned that social exclusion is growing.

“About 873,000 people do not have access to the national health system and about 2,300 more lose access each day,” said Spanish MdM President Alvaro Gonzalez.

The head of the organization’s Greek branch, Anna Mailli, also stressed that a growing number of Greeks, rather than migrants, are turning to free MdM medical centers for care.

“Last year, 30 percent of the patients at centers in Athens were Greek, while in Perama [western Athens] the proportion reached 90 percent,” she said.

Mailli added that the organization inoculated 9,000 people last year and helped 445 pregnant women.

That came on the heels of another report from academics in the United Kingdom that Greece’s economic crisis, which has seen the government make big pay cuts, tax hikes, slashed pensions and reductions in critical social services is literally killing people, causing a spike in depression, suicide and infant deaths.


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  1. …the very sad, but inevitable, result of government sponsored and/or subsidized “free” goods or (medical) services.

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