The Oak Fermented Wines of Santorini

When people hear “Santorini,” spectacular beaches, crisp white houses with a clear blue sky backdrop, and glorious sunsets come to mind. But as seasoned and budding wine enthusiasts have come to learn, the island also should be noted for its fantastic wines, which include some fermented in French oak casks.

The Thalassitis and Argyros vineyards, for example, age some of their wines in French oak casks for a few months, where the wines develop a richer and more complex flavor. The yeast strains that develop as a result of the wine-oak marriage are what give the finished product its character.

Serendipitously, the oak fermented wines of Santorini pair quite well with a variety of meals found on the island – as well as eaten throughout most of Greece: fish, lamb dishes, and poultry.