Campos de Celtas Albariño, 2011 Goes Great with Tomatoes and Feta Cheese

Delightful, bright, ever so slight traces of sea salted air, and bargain buy – this succinctly describes Campos de Celtas Albariño, from the Rias Baixas region of Spain.

Located on the southwestern coast of Galicia, Spain, the Rias Baixas DO climate is influenced by its proximity to the sea, with high rainfall and mild temperatures. The Albariño grape varietal thrives here – hence why it accounts for 90% of the wine production in the region.

Slate and granite based soil definitely comes through in the focused and structured body of the wine. Crisp and crystal clear flavors of apple, pear, and lemon are accompanied by a mineral quality that is reminiscent of a morning on the beach. This beautifully light, clean wine is best served well chilled, and is a natural, complimentary companion to seafood dishes. Try it with a crisp calamari, or shrimp with tomatoes and feta cheese.