Some in GOP Relish Christie Debacle

As NJ Governor aims to put “Bridgegate” behind him – and for his sake, all the baggage that goes with it – his fellow Republicans are lining up to pour some salt on the wound.

Supporters of the 2012 GOP presidential nominee, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, are delighting in Christie’s problems, apparently because they felt snubbed by him during the 2012 campaign for a number of reasons, Politico reported. Mainly because of Christie’s rather self-promoting speech at the Republican Convention, his chilly response to Romney conducting fundraisers in NJ, and his embrace of Barack Obama in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy,  Politico said.

Taken together, those things caused Romneyites to blame the NJ Governor for their candidate’s loss, and so they are not particularly sympathetic to his problems amid the George Washington Bridge traffic scandal.

Meanwhile, the Tea Party faction of the GOP seems to be enjoying Christie’s quandry, too, Politico reported. Many who rail against the governor’s support of immigration reform are all-too-happy to see him falter before he gains any momentum, two years ahead of the first 2016 primary, Politico wrote.

Tea Partyers, known for standing on their principles regardless of the political consequences, famously proclaim that to take down the Democrats, first they have to take down the Republican establishment. Accordingly, they see Bridgegate as a good start.