Skiing…in Greece!

It is not widely known, but it is a fact that skiing holidays in Greece are much less expensive than in other areas of Europe.  Perhaps the more famous European ski resorts attract more celebrities, but the mountains of Greece offer stunning, idyllic scenery, their own particular charm, and proximity to other attractions, historical sites, and at some locations, thermal springs.   Greece offers exhilarating adventures against the stunning beauty of the alpine landscape.

Some websites have comprehensive information on ski resorts in or near central Greece:,, the official site of the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) and, Matt Barrett’s popular guide.  Slopes in Central Greece closest to Athens are on Mount Parnassus, a two hour drive from Athens and close to Delphi; and the Pelion Mountain (Agriolefkes), and Mount Velouchi,  (Karpenisi), both approximately four hours from Athens by car.  Mount Parnassus has fifteen slopes and Agriolefkes and Karpenisi have three.  All have accommodations, cafeterias, and restaurants.  Highly recommended, also, is the modern ski lodge on Kalavrita in the Peloponessos, the second largest ski resort in Greece.  Some ski enthusiasts consider Kalavrita to be among the best in Europe.

On the island of Crete, Alpine Travel will plan ski holidays for you and your group. Tourists come from all over the world for the cross-country adventures on the White Mountains and Mount Psiloritis.   For information about a unique and exciting new package called “Heliskiing” that Alpine is offering this season contact George Antonakakis, founder, at Mr. Antonakakis is a pilot rated AR (Aerobatics) by the British Aerobatic Academy under the European Aviation Safety Agency.

Weather permitting, groups are taken by helicopter to the top of slopes on The White Mountains for cross-country skiing.  It has become very popular and you are encouraged to book as soon as possible.  Please visit the website to see photos of activity during a seven-day “Heliskiing” trips.  Alpine Travel is well-known for its “adventure” travel all year round at various locations on the island and for popular active holidays for families. Summer travel packages range from trekking, hiking gorges, and kayaking to bungee jumping.