Greece Examines Birth Certificate Fraud

An ongoing investigation into the certifying of birth certificates in Greece, spawned by the case of mystery girl found in a gypsy camp last year, has uncovered hundreds of cases of registrations given in Athens without checking to see if the parents were genuine.

A team of public administration inspectors called for a probe into the City of Athens department in charge of birth registrations after finding evidence of serious oversights in protocol.

The team examined 545 cases where births were registered up to year after the fact and found that the overwhelming majority were accepted by employees at the office without any corroboration of the statements given by the parents and their witnesses.

Most of the claims came from people who didn’t live in Athens but in other areas as well as multiple incidents where two or more births were registered at the same time without drawing any red flags from workers approving them. It was not stated whether tht was accidental.

The inspections came after complaints that registry offices around Greece often disregard protocol and issue birth certificates without confirming the information submitted by applicants, making the system vulnerable to illegal adoption and child-snatching rackets.

The team’s findings will be forwarded to a disciplinary council of the City of Athens, to a public prosecutor and to the Greek Police for further investigation.