Exploring Athens: the Brettos Distillery in Plaka

Hundreds of colorful bottles propped up against the walls of cozy Brettos Distillery in Plaka set the mood for a special drinking experience. Founded by Michael Brettos in 1909, the distillery is known for producing ouzo, brandy, and various liquors using old-fashion recipes from Smyrni, including classics like masticha, cherry, and peppermint flavors. Here, visitors can find and sample Brettos Family recipes for traditional Greek spirits and over 36 liquors special to Brettos.

Housed in a 200-year-old building on 41 Kydathineon St. in Plaka, the distillery claims to be the oldest in Athens and the second oldest in Europe. The very first handmade ouzo distiller Michael Brettos used to create his liquors is displayed at the distillery today. Tiny and welcoming, Brettos attracts locals and visitors alike. Photographed by countless passerbys, the illuminating liquor bottles on surrounding walls are a modern twist to the century-old business. Subtle music and a calming ambiance make this Athenian distillery a nice place for friendly conversation and relaxation. Also a great spot for a morning or late night specialty drink, Brettos is open from 10AM to 3AM. To explore some Brettos liquors and see the shop, visit brettosplaka.com.