What The Christmas Insert Meant To Us

It was impressive. Many pages, rich in material, stylish. It was a feat that was achieved thanks to the hard work and self-sacrifice of the employees of The National Herald in the advertising, production and editorial departments.
Mainly, however, the accomplishment was yours. The Diaspora performed this feat.
You sent out a powerful message in many directions: The message of your decision to support – each one of you according to your ability – the  newspaper of Hellenism of America, the newspaper of Hellenism around the world.
That’s because you know that The National Herald and the Diaspora are two sides of the same coin. Can one side exist without the other?
The Christmas Holiday insert of 2013 – that was distributed free with your regular newspaper – was one of the most successful in the near-centennial history of the newspaper.
Leafing through its pages I am sure that you too will feel what I felt: Pride. Pride in the progress of this piece of Hellenism that proudly supports our communities and associations. (What a great idea that the great and glorious Federation of Central Greece had, to commission a two-page color insert that honors its officials, past and present , members  and chapters across America). Pride that our children who were born here, our doctors, lawyers, real estate brokers, etc. remain active in the Community.
The insert projects an image of optimism, progress and pride.
At the same time, it joins us together. It makes us a community.
These publications will be studied by future historians to assess the state of the community through time. However, these special editions have another dimension that I have emphasized in the past. To a significant extent, the continued smooth operation of the newspaper at its high level depends on them.  That is the reality.
And I also wish to make a warm appeal to you to support our advertisers.  I express sincere thanks to more than 500 (!) Organizations, businesses and individuals who responded to our invitation to be part of our historic insert.
Thanks also from the bottom of my heart to those who offered holiday greetings to TNH and the community without any commercial considerations but simply to strengthen and support us. With Hellenism passing through a moral and economic crisis, the role of The National Herald becomes more and more important.
But – and I want to emphasize this – The National Herald does not consist only of me and my associates. We have the responsibility of managing it and producing the content – but only in the sense of writing about what you and your fellow Hellenes are accomplishing every day, year in, year out.
The National Herald is everyone. Because it is the voice of the Diaspora, its critical connecting link. We promise that we will continue to do our utmost to be worthy of your support.  Thank you.