Top 5 Movies about Wine

By Lauren Loeffler

Need a break from the bustling holiday season? You don’t need to answer – I know that you do! Here are a few movies to kick back and watch, with your favorite wine in hand, of course.

 5. Mondovino

American filmmaker Jonathan Nossiter explores multinational wine labels and small boutique wineries, comparing and contrasting methodology and success. What impact does the globalization of wine have on small producers?

This documentary, filmed in 2004, does a great job of taking a look at the wine industry and highlighting the struggle of single estate producers to keep up with industry giants.

4. From Ground to Glass

One man’s journey to produce his own Syrah – a coming of age tale. Well, it’s not really a coming of age tale, actually, but it is about a man producing Syrah. Director Robert DaFoe documents his experience making wine for the first time, and the film includes cameos from veteran winemakers, as well as some gorgeous shots of California wine country in the Santa Ynez Valley.

3. Sideways

Pinot producers are still thanking Jim Taylor and Alexander Payne for this one. This comical and heartwarming film boosted Pinot’s popularity through its lead character’s affinity for the wine.

A depressed, wine loving middle school English teacher whose writing dreams haven’t quite panned out takes his newly engaged college roommate on a trip through California’s wine country.  Hilarity, misadventures, and Merlot bashing ensue.

2. Bottleshock

If you’re a wine lover and a movie lover, you simply must see this movie! Bonus factor for Alan Rickman playing the lead role.

Rickman portrays Steven Spurrier, the wine merchant who decided to enter American wines in a blind tasting against their old world French counterparts. The film follows Spurrier through Napa Valley as he seeks the best wines for the challenge, trying to convince vintner Jim Barrett (played by Bill Pullman) to include his Chardonnay in the “Judgement of Paris,” that would completely change the game in the wine world.

1. Somm

This is a great movie that is not only about wine, but about real people who are passionate about wine. The film follows 4 sommeliers in their final preparation for the Master Sommelier exam. Passing this exam would make them Master Sommeliers, and they would share this title with only 200 people worldwide.

If you’ve ever been curious what it takes to be a high level sommelier, this is the movie to watch. It shows the risks and rewards, and the physical and emotional pressure that’s behind one of the most prestigious wine titles in the world.