Beanie Babies Donation Paid Off

To  the  Editor:

Over a year ago, you reported about a story of a young lady collecting money so  she could go  overseas to seek a cure for  kidney failure (“Beanie Babies Billionaire Gives Greek-Am. $20K for  Driving Directions,” Sept. 1, 2012). She received $20,000 from the owner of Beanie Babies. Nothing more was heard from her. That is a shame because it gave hope to thousands who are  on  dialysis. I pray this  wasn’t a scam.

Ethel Gianos Russell
Hollywood, FL
Editor’s Reply: Dear Ms. Russell:

Thank you for  your letter. It prompted me  to do  some research and the  story seems to be  genuine, indeed and, happily, has had a positive outcome. According to an  NBC News report on  January 18  of this  year, the  woman, Jennifer Vasilakos, did  indeed travel to Trinidad, where she received stem cell  treatment, and “she says she feels great.” It also appears that she continues to maintain a blog regarding her  recovery:

Constantinos E. Scaros
Executive Editor