Meet Emma Wolfe: de Blasio’s Greek-American Top Advisor

Then-mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio was happy to introduce Emma Wolfe during a meeting at the Archdiocese. (L-R) Fr. Alexander Karloutsos, Wolfe, de Blasio, Archbishop Demetrios, Bishop Andonios of Phasiane. TNH Archive

NEW YORK – Transitions can be interesting things, regardless of the context. In American politics, however they tend to the humdrum. But not for Bill de Blasio, New York City’s  first Democrat Mayor in 20 years. Already immersed in a swirl question marks (political and philosophical), passion and drama, a good Greek – the Hellenic nation is well known for all three – would come in handy.

Enter Emma Wolfe, de Blasio’s deputy campaign manager and newly appointed Director of Intergovernmental Affairs. Yes. Einai Ellinida – she is of Greek descent.

The National Herald is informed that Wolfe, who was an urban studies major at Barnard College, grew up in Lowell, Mass. New York’s Greek-American community looks forward to getting to know her better.

So far, she is known through the stellar credentials that stood out against de Blasio’s sky-rocket ride into the New York political heavens despite her penchant for self-effacement.

Other’s feel compelled shine on her the spotlight she prefers to avoid. When de Blasio announced her appointment in early December, he said, “She has been indispensable in the work we have done up until now,” wrote: “Standing just over 5’3″, slight in build and younger in appearance than her 34 years, with an almost crippling discomfort with self-promotion, Wolfe hardly looks or acts the part of a tough political operative ready to do combat with the state Legislature, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the City Council and Congress. Yet she is, apparently, one of the toughest in the business.”