New Yorkers Welcome Rep. Dina Titus

NEW YORK – Friends and supporters of Congresswoman Dina Titus of Nevada gathering for a fundraising reception at Ammos Estiatorio, across the street from Grand Central Station in Manhattan.

Philip Christopher, President of the International Co-ordinating Committee “Justice for Cyprus” (PSEKA) and the founder and president of the Pancyprian Association of America, welcomed the guests and emphasized the importance for the community of having friends and especially Greek and Cypriot-Americans in the U.S. Congress.

Titus expressed her appreciation to Christopher for his support through the years – he is one of the first community leaders she met when she became involved in politics – and thanked the guests.

Titus devoted most of her time to speaking with each of the guests about various matters and catching up with friends.

In a brief address she touched on what the community and its supporters in Congress can do to help Greece and Cyprus emerge from their crises.

She said, however, that the community can further strengthen its position in Washington.

“I’m very excited to be the only Greek-American woman in Congress, but we want to see more and so we are going to work on that,” she declared.

Before serving in Congress, Titus, whose parents both have roots in Greece, was professor of political science at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where she taught government for 30 years.

The guests also enjoyed meeting Titus’ husband of 30 years, Thomas C. Wright a retired professor of history at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas whose area of expertise is Latin American history.

Christopher thanked Peter Pappas for organizing the gathering whose sponsors included Tina Andreadis, Stacy Dimakakos, Savas Konstantinides, Mike Manatos, Dennis Mehiel, Nikos Mouyiaris, Dimitris Nakos, Peter Papanicolaou, George Paralemos Carlene Soumas and Endy Zemenides, among others.