Domaine Sigalas Assyrtiko, 2012

By Lauren Loeffler

If seafood is on the menu in the near future, if you generally enjoy crisp whites, or if you owe yourself a few wistful moments of pure bliss, you should by all means pick up this bottle.

Domaine Sigalas is a sprawling vineyard on the island of Santorini. High daytime temperatures and proximity to the sea results in a gentle, nighttime rain known by locals as “pousi.” This light mist cools off the vines at night, creating a balanced climate and conditions for high quality wines.

This bottling is 100% Assyrtiko, and the varietal’s classic, pronounced acidity and steely mineral structure makes a wine that is about as crisp as they come. A delicate bouquet is noticed at first, subtle citrus tones, but nothing distracting, and it transitions nicely to a clean, refreshing flavor. If you like bone dry whites, this is a pick for you – no over the top fruit or sweetness, just pristine, focused flavor. It is simply a beautiful wine, that finishes soft, without much of a lingering aftertaste.

Again, this is a perfect seafood wine. Paired with fried or sautéed calamari, this wine may just convince you to book a flight to Santorini. Greek wines have been growing in popularity, and the whites are really a joy to explore, Assyrtiko in particular for its elegance.

Drinkable now, or fit to age 2-3 years.