Greek Cop, 2 Albanians Killed in Firefight

A 43-year-old Greek police sergeant was killed in a firefight with two Albanians in a remote area near the borders of the two countries early on Dec. 8 before the assailants were shot dead by the officer’s two partners, authorities said.

Police said a patrol of three officers came across the Albanians while investigating an intrusion across the border and found the illegals in the hut of a shepherd who was absent.

Police said the suspects were carrying an assault rifle with which one of them shot and killed the 43-year-old sergeant Ilias Kostenis, father of a 12 year-old girl, before other officers fired back, killing the assailant and his partner as he tried to reach for his gun. They were not identified.

The shooting took place in Vrontero, Florina. Western Macedonia police are expected to give more details later in the day.