Greeks Make World’s Biggest Lollipop

Olive oil. Saffron. Honey. Wine. Some of the greatest of Greek products that critics say are still not being marketed well enough around the world. Now Greece can add a lollipop to the list of what it’s produced better – well, bigger – than anyone else.

Residents of the northern city of Trikala have made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for making the world’s largest lollipop, which was created for the Mill of Elves during this year’s Christmas Festivities.

According to the Greek website, it took two whole days to make the lollipop and tons of materials were needed as well as specialists (and helpers) in order for it to be completed.

The Guinness Record Committee, weighed it in at 3600 kilos, (7,936.6 pounds) easily breaking the previous record of 3200 kilos (7,054 pounds) that was set in the U.S.

The big sucker was hoisted and will remain at the entrance of the Mill of Elves throughout the duration of the holidays. No word on whether kids would be allowed to lick it away.