Travel Tip for Summers in Greece: The Electric Fan

Two inconveniences of summer travel to Greece – and they go hand-in-hand – are humidity and mosquitos.
We Greek-Americans seem to forget about those pesky realities during the winter, as we count down the months until we can return to our beloved ancestral land next summer. We only think about the fun aspects. And our non-Greek counterparts who have never been there and are planning to go for the first time, have no idea what’s in store.

The good news is that air conditioning is available now in most hotel rooms, and even in rooms for let in modest, traditional homes. But the mosquitos seem quite happy with that arrangement, too. A surefire way to keep those annoying little sleep-interrupters off of you at night is the air conditioner’s forerunner: the electric fan.

You can purchase a perfectly suitable fan for the equivalent of ten dollars, and you’re better off buying two, keeping them on either side of you as you sleep, and allowing them to oscillate. The breeze will be gentle enough not to disrupt your sleep (it might even help to relax you), but it will feel like a tornado to your lighter-than-a-feather trespassers.

This neat little trick works well, whether there are one, two, or even three people to a bed. To the latter scenario, it is an excellent solution for budget-conscious college-age travelers, cramming three to a room and wanting to save on the nightly bill by foregoing to the air conditioning option.

And what shall you do with the fans when you’re ready to head back home? If you’re staying in your own place over there – or with relatives – leave the fans behind for the next trip. Even if you’re staying at a hotel, just “pay it forward.” Leave the fans there for the next visitor. If everyone does that, then you’ll never need to buy another fan again – because every bedroom in Greece will have two.