Featured Wine: Crivelli Grignolino D’Asti, 2012

By Lauren Loeffler
Gringolino is a varietal often overshadowed in its territory. After all, sharing a region with Nebbiolo based Barolo and Barbaresco, as well as the Barbera and Dolcetto varietals can’t be easy. Grignolino should surely be on your radar, especially if you have enjoyed light-bodied fruit-friendly wines such as Cru Beaujolais in the past, and as producers plant more and more Grignolino, your choices are soon to open up.

Crivelli’s Grignolino pours a lovely pale cherry red in the class and bright notes of cherry and plum are evident right away, reminding me of aromas distinct of Gamay. Upon tasting, the wine distinguishes itself from Gamay, with less acidity, but more peppery tannin. Flavors of berry dominate, with a rich texture that still remains light, with just a whisper of effervescence. A touch of menthol and sage round out the finish, completing a gentle, earthy taste on the palate.

This wine is incredibly versatile for food pairings. It is a perfect bottle to have on hand to serve with any number of dishes, from tomato-based soups, to pork and chicken dishes. The bright cherry flavors complement spice well, adding a softer dimension, and the wine has enough weight to stand up to bolder dishes without being lost and overpowered. Try with your favorite spetzofai recipe on a chilly evening.