Google Hires Greek Whiz Kid

A 12-year-old Greek boy who’s a computer whiz kid has been hired by Google to work on a team of developers of the company to work on the design of a new social network, a server for online games and a security system.

Nikos Adam, who despite his young age is starting high school this year, was discovered by Google during the International Fair of Thessalonica, when he made a brilliant exposition on cyber attacks, according to 24 Megabytes.

After verifying the programming skills of Adam, who has created two applications, Google contacted his parents for permission to incorporate it to the team. Now Adam develops different programs for Google, including a new social network, Tech is Social.

“It will be launched in January 2014 and will be in Greek. will function similar way to Facebook,” Adam said in an interview with SKAI TV. He emphasized that the new social network will give importance to the security of communications.

Adam is also working on a security system against denial of service (DoS attack) attacks and on a platform that will allow users to play online with no need for a separate server.