Do we act in a hurry under the threat of fear?

FILE - In this March 2, 2020 file photo, traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. World stocks and the price of oil dropped sharply again Friday, March 6, as pessimism prevailed over hopes for central bank action to counter the economic disruption from the virus outbreak. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

“You need to read the article I sent you,” a doctor and an old friend of mine advised. “Dr. Ioannides is very intelligent,” he continued.

“I’ll read it,” I answered.

It was a Saturday morning. The time I enjoy my coffee while reading the newspapers.

Not too long after that, I received another email from my friend asking: “Did you read it?”
It must be very important, I thought, and I started reading it.

The title immediately caught my attention: “A fiasco in the …

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