Analysis: Searching for the Meaning of Orthodoxy

Celebration of the Sunday of Orthodoxy at the Archdiocesan Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in New York.(Photo by GOA/ Dimitris Panagos)

Last Sunday we celebrated the Sunday of Orthodoxy, as we do traditionally every year on the first Sunday of Great Lent. That celebration should not be simply a feast commemorating the past, because it wouldn’t have much meaning for our lives today. Certainly it is a great, sacred, and historic day but I have the impression that the Sunday of Orthodoxy tends to lose its ecclesiastical meaning and is increasingly becoming a theatrical folklore presentation.

It seems to me that …

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  1. Problem with majority Orthodox church is lack of seriousness — Orthodox Faith is getting diluted – more + more selling out to Secular world… like Episcopalians who self destructed to Political -Correctness + are now a has been church, a laughing stock along with rest of Mainline houses of worship. Nobody serious bothers with them.

    In most Orthodox churches, you rarely meet inspiring spiritual priests; most of them are painfully mundane. You never hear these priests talk of doing the Jesus Prayer or instructing faithful to read New Testament, read up on recent canonized Orthodox Saints, or most important to understand our Orthodox tenets –

    NO, all you get from Sunday church is invitations to superficial parties, all you hear is the drumbeat to play “social justice warrior” + more worldly, shallow entertainment to raise money, money, money. With all this mundane cacophony, does anyone have a spiritual experience to speak of during Sunday church or find anything edifying?

    They’re just not pointing toward the supreme goal – which is Mastering oneself as an illumined individual — Mastering oneself toward achieving Theosis . It’s all group think. I doubt Church even explains enormity of what Theosis means .

    The Danish Philosopher Soren Kierkegaard had it right, when he wrote: The Crowd is Untruth

  2. What We Believe;

    1. The Triune God – “God is the Lord and has revealed himself to us” (Ps. 118:26). As Father, as Son, and as Holy Spirit.

    2. Salvation (Gen. 1:26).

    3. The Eucharist – community (Luke 22:19)

  3. Church attendance is getting smaller and smaller folks, it’s becoming antiquated institution and plethora of clergy scandals don’t help.

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