Support for the Greek Islands

To the Editor:

It was just a matter of time before this situation arose on the Greek-Turkish border. Turkey has a lot of nerve and is using the refugees and migrants to destroy Greece. Our islands are already overcrowded with refugees and how can Greece protect its borders and not let refugees pass through when human traffickers tell them to sink their boats in the middle of the sea? What are the Greeks supposed to do? Let little children drown?

And what is Frontex doing all these years? Is it merely decorative? We all know it helps with guarding the borders of Europe, and therefore, also Greece. They should help anyway and immediately. Everyone can talk about helping and make promises to help, but actions are what count in the end.

And one more thing: I am happy to hear about the initiative taken here in New York to show support for our islanders. I hope many people gather in Athens Square Park in Astoria for the rally on March 8.

Yiannis Stamatopoulos

New York, NY


  1. ,,I agree with Edrogan, since, it exposes who the Greek Government and Mistotakis represent ..and it is not Greeks but foreign Aristocratic Fascist of EU and Nato Fascist rulers of Europe ..who expect Greece to serve the interests of this corrupt body which has manipulated the Migrant crisis .. since, they created it with Turkey by imposing a fraudent “War on Terrorism ” which was just a pretext to invade and destroy the governments and countries of the Middle East,not subserviant to U.S and Nato imperial wars to do what they have done in Greece..take over the economic, political , and military control of the people of Greece!

    I applaud the recommendation of Edrogan ..which will expose why Greece should with the other countries of Europe remove themselves from the EU .like run there countries , not a bunch of Tyrants in Washington and Brussels!

    Hey Mistotakis, simply get a bunch load of buses, and ships to directly transport the ISIS and Al Queda Turkish terrorist refugees from Syria ..escaping the advancing Syrian army.liberating the territories of Syria of the US and Turkish proxy armies to the EU and Nato countries which border Greece!

    Like North Macedonia .etc lets see if they start throwing gas grenades at the migrants, or fire on them!

    Then, simply return them to Edrogan.or send them to U.S ,Israeli and Saudi ports.

    Why has not Mistotakis declared all Greek borders closed because of the Conavirus one is allowed to enter Greece

    1. Cont..

      There you go.. U.S Agent Mistotakis.. of course, Greece like other countries are forbidding even there own citizens from returning home in fear of the Cornavirus!

      Hell.. there is a U.S cruise line ship carrying 3500 passengers off the coast of California with allegedly infected 21 Passengers..which has been forbidden to enter any US ports! Let me repeat ..forbidden from entering the territories of U.S.!

      Hey Mistotakis .. your job is to protect the security and Peace of the people of Greece.. not the security and peace of Europe! Shooting at Greek rioters on the Islands. who do not wish to be occupied by thousands of possible Convarvirus migrants … who may have been purposely infected by Nato ally Turkey, and could be using Biological warfare against Greece delivered with C.I.A infected humans is clearly grounds for not complying with Migrant quotas of the EU ..or … letting them responsible for the carnage in Syria , libya, Afgansistan, Yemen. Iraq, etc etc ..clean up there mess!

      Mistotakis.. I understand need permission from Washington ,Turkey, or Brussels to do the obvious! What do I expect .. after you have not been given permission by Washington and Brussels to shoot down Turkish jets violating Greek Airspace everyday!

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