Tsipras to Government: You Have Led Greece to Chaos

SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras. (Photo by Eurokiniossi/ Stelios Missinas)

ATHENS – Main opposition SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras on Thursday said the government was to blame for the “conditions of chaos” and “insecurity” in Greece, while addressing parliament during the debate on the social security bill.

“Today we are talking about the social security bill,” he said, “but with all that is happening in the last few days, the meaning of security, in its broader sense, is the crucial and sought-after goal for every citizen,” he added.

“With your obssession, authoritariansm and arrogance and with your unprecedented managerial ineptitude, you generate fear and insecurity in the average Greek,” Tsipras said.

Additionally, he accused the government of “turning the country into the Far West,” referring among others to the incidents at he Economic University of Athens and to the clashes on the islands, wondering “who is responsible for this image of civil strife”.

“Is anyone going to assume responsibility for everything that is going on…Do you believe that you can solve the problems with violence and authoritarianism?” he asked the government and the prime minister.

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  1. Is Tsipras kidding? He along with his BFF Varoufakis cost Greece 10’s of billions and set Greece back years with their incompetence!! He sold the name Macedonia! Even Socialist Andreas Papandreou was more patriotic than Tsipras the hack. He’s a career protester who’s never held a job or amounted to anything other than organizing anarchist rallies to smash and burn people’s properties. What’s sad is the nonsense that comes out of his mouth is believed by a large group of idiots who still support him.

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