Joe Biden Stands for Best American and Hellenic Values

Democratic presidential candidate, former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden walks onstage to participate in a candidate forum on infrastructure at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Sunday, Feb. 16, 2020, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

This year marks the 80th anniversary of a pivotal moment in modern history when Greeks stood courageous and countered the Axis forces in defense of freedom and democracy. This act of bravery – a rallying cry against fascism, racism, and the hatred and division that threatened our world – proved to be one of the most decisive moments in World War II, sowing the seeds of hope that would ultimately prevail.

Our Greek forebears, whose culture and independence illustrate so much of the American story, remind us of our responsibility to choose what is right, even when it may be difficult to do so. They answered the call because they had faith in humanity and believed that human rights and dignity should be afforded to every person, no matter their ethnicity.

The harsh reality animating this year’s presidential election is that forces of hatred and division are never fully extinguished. This year, Americans of every political affiliation face a stark choice about how we view ourselves as a nation. We have an opportunity to reassert our values of honesty, honor, decency, and bravery around the world in this election. We must do so by electing a president who is equipped to restore the American promise that no matter where you start in life, given a fair shot, there is no limit to what you can achieve. Vice President Joe Biden knows the value of our history as a nation of immigrants and has built a career fighting to fulfill this promise for each one of us.

I’ve witnessed firsthand Joe’s leadership at home and on the world stage. The Obama-Biden Administration showed us what political courage can mean for progress: landmark health care reform, saving the American economy from collapse, investing in our middle class so that no one is left behind, and spurring global action to tackle climate change and advance democratic values wherever they are threatened around the world. Nominating Joe Biden gives us the best chance to build on this important progressive work that our country desperately needs.

At home in Nevada, I’ve seen Joe listen to and embrace people of every color, creed, and country of origin. He understands and has compassion for the people I represent and the problems they face. Joe knows that the great American middle class built this country, and that when the middle class is strong, everyone does well.

This is our moment to reject the cruelty and cynicism we witness daily from President Trump. I am hopeful and confident that we can protect and build on the Affordable Care Act so that every American has access to quality, affordable health care. I believe we can fix our immigration system with compassionate reform and once again be a beacon of hope for those seeking a better life for their families. I know we can work with our allies to rally the world to address problems like climate change and nuclear proliferation that we simply cannot fix alone. And to get that all accomplished, we must nominate Joe Biden so we can continue to build a broad-based, diverse coalition that will defeat Donald Trump in November.

When Joe talks about the soul of this nation, I think of my grandfather who, in 1911, came to this country through Ellis Island from Greece with the same spirit of hope that has inspired so many who have immigrated to our shores. My Greek heritage – the life and legacy of my ancestors – remains close to my heart and I stand firm in support of efforts to further strengthen the Greek-American partnership. At a time when pillars of democracy are being tested around the world, it is up to us to champion the values that unite our countries.

In this election, we can choose to embrace democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the rule of law, or we can stand by and witness a fateful backslide.

I hope you’ll join me in choosing the candidate who believes in the promise of these United States; who has championed our shared values and advanced our partnerships and alliances around the world; who has sown the seeds of hope about our best days being ahead of us; and who will be ready on day one to restore dignified leadership at home and respected leadership on the world stage.

I hope you’ll join me in voting for Joe Biden.


  1. Dear Congresswoman Titus:
    Ma’am, seriously you need help, or get back on your meds. Seriously lady, to praise mental case Joe Biden? Do you pay attention to Reality? The news on crazy Joe and his pathetic son?
    You brainwashed Greek liberals still hanging to outdated old mantra: ”That foreigners must vote Democrat as you get off the boat”.
    Wake up feminazi lady. The smart Greeks wised up and went Republican cause they pay attention to what’s going on.
    Oh and God Bless Donald Trump!

  2. I have a scoop for Mind controlled Marxist Police State worshiper., Mrs. Titus and Diamatari who are member of the Cabal of Greek Secret Society Glory to America and Israel ..Ahepa Mason..who would support Adolph Hitler ..if he was the leader of America..if they could get a photo try to convince the Greek Community ..that they and there Aristocracy of millionaires and Billionaires like Castatamides are the self Appointed, but unelected leaders of the Greek community … who are somehow exceptional in promoting Hellenism… when in fact they with TNH ..are simply political fronts for Right Wing Neocons and war mongers of the U.S State department and Pro Israeli Jewish lobby’s!

    Is it not you and Diamantaris ..the disgraced liar and deposed Propaganda minister of Greece.. the same people who endorsed the indicted democrat Latin Scarface Ahepan Robert Menendez . and number one Israeli Agent of the U.S congress, who is the most financially compensated Pay to play political prostitute and traitor in the U.S the Jewish Pro Israeli lobbies, to exclusively represent the interest of the Aparthied Jewish State of Israel, whose leader BiBi now being indicted for corruption..and warrants for his arrest are being developed the International Criminal Court at the Haque..for crimes against humanity and war crimes in the genocde of the Palestinian people ..and the oppression of Human rights in Israels ..OPEN AIR PRISON in GAZA!

    1. cont..

      Of course ..none of this reported by the honorable Diamantaris ..who only job in life is to conceal anything that taints image of the credibility of Glory to America and Israel war criminals…Joe Biden, George Bush Jr. Barack Obama , Robert Menendez, Hillary Clinton and BiBi Netanyahue ..while positioning Donald Trump the only degenerate in American History.!

      Yes Mrs Greek pay to play Titus and propaganda minister it not you who also called Democrat Ahepan latin Scarface ….Robert Menendez …”THE GREATEST HELLENE IN GREEK HISTORY.” and endorsed him for the US senate seat of New Jersey to the Greek community …and made him the first U.S senator in American history to legitimize corruption to hold office in America!

      Is it not Menendez who was indicted with a Nice Jewish doctor and lobbyist for Israel for taking millions of dollars ..he called Gifts from his BEST FRIEND… who had embezzled 8 million dollars from the Senior Citizens Medicare Fund and in part allowed Menendez to steal money from America! The Good doctor .. is now spending 20 years in a Federal Prison for his collaboration with Menendez!

      But the two greatest Hellenes…JOE and BOBBI … have also colloborated to represent Hellenic values by working to destroy the families of libya and there champion the war crimes bombing of libya ..which Barack said was a Mistake, and appropriating 1 billion dollars of our Treasury …to recruit, arm,,, ..

  3. Dear CW Titus:
    I love you because you are a Greek American . I disagree with you on your stance relative to Mr Biden . His age, his blunders on the campaign trail strongly illustrates he will be at a loss to compete with president Trump.
    Frankly, I don’t see any candidate on the current debate circuit that could be a variable opponent .
    See you on the shores of Samos . Nick Karakas

    1. Nick Karakas:
      it’s not just Joe Biden’s foolishness, or endless blunders, it’s the deranged Democrat party philosophy – it stinks!
      It’s contaminated America, Europe- just look at Greece.
      I recall reading Wall Street Journal long ago about a Greek Orthodox monk from Mount Athos made predictions Greece/Cyprus would be in financial crisis for turning their back against the Gospel.

      Whatever the Left touches it destroys!
      Only candidate we need is Trump.

  4. cont…

    and fund…The Sunni Muslim terrorist jihadist of Turkey, Saudi Arabia , Patrick Theros love ..Qatar, Israel,and U.S CIA to overthrow the government of Syria! These degenerates would go on slaughter Syrian Orthodox Christians and Non Sunni Muslim faithful fulfill Robert Menendez interests on behalf of his Israeli masters!

    It was in fact …DONALD TRUMP …who stopped the C.I.A billion dollar program and rape by Menendez and Biden of the American people!

    It was Democrats …Menendez, Clinton, Biden and Obama… who instigated the coup of the Ukrainian government which led to the installation of the most corrupt government in Europe and the civil war in Ukraine ..not because of any invasion by Russia stated by Menendez and Biden ..but the Russian Ukrainians of Eastern UKraine ..who refused to be taken over by Neo Nazi buddies and Oligarks of Hunter and Joe Biden, named Victor Porchenko…who rewarded the Bidens with no show million dollar position in Burismo Energy!

    If you need any further information…just go to You Tube ..and read the intercepted recording of Geoffrey Pyatt ..current prime minister of Greece, but ambassador to the Ukraine who coordinated the coup and installation of Victor Porchenko and destabilized the country of the Ukraine! That right..look for Geoffrey Pyatt, and Victorie Nuland ..deputy of the State department!

    Diamataris.and Titus should be accountable for their propaganda lies..for degenerates!

    1. Hey Bluff… it gets a lot worse than what your site says about Biden exposing Turkeys actions in Syria, but highlights the entire policy of the Degenerates in our Government, C.I.A , Intelligence, and State department who fabricated RussiaGate, UkraineGate, War on Terrorism, Weapons of Mass destruction in Iraq, libya committing geneocide, and of course ..the fact that the corrupt war criminals have been supporting Turkey and Al Queda, ISIS , and Al Nustra Sunni Muslim jihadist of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE …all brothers of State Department traitor Patrick Theros ..the Nazi Propaganda minister of the C.I.A and State cover up their crimes against humanity!

      Here is what Biden also apologized about saying which indicts him , Hillary, Obama for providing all the arms to these countries to support State Sponsored Terrorism ..

      Mr Biden told the Harvard students on Thursday that Turkey, the UAE and Saudi Arabia had extended “billions of dollars and tens of thousands of tonnes of weapons” to Sunni fighters battling Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces.

      He called the crown prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, on Sunday to offer his apologies!

      However, unreported by TNH…is U.S support of Turkish Terrorism

      An explosive situation is developing in Idlib province where the Syrian army is conducting a major offensive that has triggered a harsh response from Turkey. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is threatening to

  5. cont…

    is threatening to attack Syrian forces anywhere in the country if the Syrian government does not stop all military operations in the so-called Idlib , Aside from the fact that Turkey or U.S has no legal right to occupy Syrian territory, Erdogan’s threat pits Turkey against Russia in a showdown that could quickly escalate into a full-blown conflagration.

    “I announce that we will strike the Syrian regime forces everywhere starting from today without being bound to Idlib or by the Sochi Memorandum, if our soldiers at the lookout posts or elsewhere suffer any harm,” said Erdogan addressing a meeting of his party’s members.
    Add to this toxic clash of interests the recent announcements by Washington and NATO that they support Erdogan’s efforts in Idlib, and the prospects for disaster increase exponentially.
    Here’s what neocon and 5 time war criminal lucky luciano Mike Pompeo said yesterday…to the families of the Turkish invaders and terrorist, but not to the families of the Syrian soldiers defending their country!:

    “My condolences to the families of the soldiers killed in yesterday’s attack in Idlib. The ongoing assaults by the Assad regime and Russia must stop. I’ve sent (special US envoy to Syria) Jim Jeffrey to Ankara to coordinate steps to respond to this destabilizing attack. We stand by our NATO Ally #Turkey.

    The naked truth which reveals ..that Mike Pompeo..former C.I.A director..lied to the American public and the world …that we were waging ..

    1. cont.
      that we were waging a war on terrorism..when in fact ..we have been the Terrorist!

      The naked truth which reveals exactly the same lie ..that Nato Turkey, British, and U.S were obligated to take over Northern Cyprus, and ethnically and religiously cleanse Greek Cypriots from Northern Cyprus in order to protect the Turkish Population
      The naked truth which reveals exactly the same lies that traitors Mistotakis, Diamantaris, Ahepan Robert Menendez..have told Greeks to allow the turnover of Greek military bases to tyrant fascist U.S troops and bases in Greece!

      The naked Truth which reveals exactly why Turkey can fly over Greece ..uncontested!

      The naked Truth… that Mistotakis and Diamataris and TNH..with their Greek Secret Society of Ahepa Masons…are U.S state department operatives..who everyday lie ..and conceal this information of the attrocities and crimes against peace by Trump, Pompeo…and their best gangter and thug..the great leader of Turkey..Edrogan!
      Today, unreported by TNH and Diamantaris….Turkish religious jihadist launched a major offensive against Syrian govenment forces liberating towns in the Idlib Province with tanks, armored vehicles and weapons provided by Turkey and U.S..and were supported by Turkish howitzers shelling Syrian Orthodox Christian Soldiers of Syria ..if you are not aware!

      However….Russian Orthodox airforce pilots responded to this offensive ..and layed waste to a number of Turkish invaders and there terrorist. armies!.

  6. cont…

    .something the U.S and British did not do ..for the Greek Cypriots of Northern Cyprus!

    Obviously, the enemy of Nato Greece is Russia and Syria. all because Mistotakis and Diamataris tell us the enemies of America and Turkey.are Greece”s enemies, not Turkey!
    Obviously, Greece should be supporting Russia and Syria against Turkish invasion.instead Mistotakis support and complies with an oil and gas embargo on Syria to weaken Syria to defend itself!

    Today..we await,will the blood lust of U.S and Turkey continue to torture the people of Syria..who are suffering from the wars imposed for eight years by Nato U.S and Turkey, or will Putin finally stop playing diplomat to end this war..and massively destroy all Turkish troops and their jihadist armies ..and I mean …scorched earth bombings and Russia can do …and send a message to Neo Nazi SS officer Pompeo…that U.S occupation forces will be subject to the same medicine… when Syria come callng to liberate the Fascist U.S empire from their occupation of the oil fields!

    However,,,just imagine a scenario..which U.S comes to the aid of Nato Turkey and their terrorist armies…and despicably Mistotakis allows them to launch war against Syria and Russia ..from the now turned over Greek Bases to US war mongers which protect Turkish aggression!

    Its over Diamataris, you , Mistotakis and your degenerate Greek Mason Zombies have been thrown under the bus by …LUCKY LUCIANO POMPEO!…

  7. Anyone who believes joe Biden would help Greece and Cyprus is delusional. Or any other politician for that matter. Especially the incompetent, lying , Satan worshipping Democratic Party who is anti Christian, anti rules, Spreads falsehoods and racism, and promotes evil as being correct. Trump is the last guy you’ll ever see that has the guts to stand up to all this nonsense and if the leftist criminals worked with him instead of promoting the agenda of George Sonos, Rothschilds and company we would be far better off.

  8. Bidden and all the rest are scum criminals that supported the bombing of SERBIA and gave military support to Albanian Islamic jihadists just like what’s happening In Syria.

  9. The Democrats have never done anything for Halki all these years. Only empty promises, pushing legalized infanticide, legalized narcotics and they want everyone to believe their victims. We see these lies and we’re #walkaway from the Democratic party.

  10. Must be embarrassing to the good priest
    Father Alex Karloutos to keep company with crazy Joe Biden;
    his Orthodox values are in severe opposition with liberal loony Joe’s, but I reckon priests giving
    spiritual consolation after death of a loved one as happened to poor Joe, must’ve bond them?

    That and their embarrassing sons:

    why is Fr. Alex’s son Michael, an Orthodox Christian, involved in Greece with a casino business?

  11. 19 comments– and not 1 favorable one….. like taking a real poll–(not a fake one)— what does that tell you? Americans of Hellenic roots do not vote in lock-step….. Joe B. lost me and other Greek Americans, when he came out, (in front of decent, hard-working families) to state that trans issues are the top civil rights issues of today. Really?

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