Athens Science Festival to Be Held to Technopolis on April 1-5

Athens Science Festival banner. Source: Facebook@athenssciencefestival

ATHENS – The Athens Science Festival returns to the Technopolis City of Athens from April 1 to April 5, 2020 and invites visitors of all ages to discover the fun part of science.

The festival is designed to attract people from all ages and the programme includes interactive exhibitions and experiments, workshops, talks, fascinating performances that will inspire, educate and entertain thousands of Athenians.

The central theme of this year’s festival will be “Artificial Intelligence” (AI).

“What is Artificial Intelligence? Where do we cross the line between fashion and truth about her? Are we, after all, hidden behind every move, every point that appears, every facet and attitude or is it self-evolving without our control? How much does it regulate or facilitate our everyday life as a new tool? To what extent can the intelligence of machines substitute human activity? How does Artificial Intelligence connect with other cognitive domains? Is it necessary to interact with ethics, philosophy as well as humanitarian and social sciences? Does our life eventually tend to turn into a huge database?” are among the questions to be answered.