Yia Mas Greek Wellness Retreat at Melisses, Andros June 9-14

Yia Mas founder Kristina Headrick is one of the retreat leaders for the She Suceeds Women’s Entrepreneurial Retreat in Corfu this October. Photo: Courtesy of Kristina Headrick

NEW YORK – The upcoming Yia Mas Greek Cultural and Wellness Retreat takes place at Melisses in Andros, June 9-14.

Yia Mas founder Kristina Headrick is an expert in content strategy, editorial, social media marketing, and copy-writing. Having worked for several start-ups globally, she thrives on helping companies hone and share their messages. Headrick also teaches yoga, meditation, and movement, and creates unique experiences. Her project, the Yia Mas brand and event series, is a blend of social gatherings and retreats designed around the Greek philosophies on wellness and community for happiness. She is a proponent of anything that helps you shift your perspective to live life with more joy and creative output.

Headrick spoke to The National Herald about the upcoming Yia Mas Greek Cultural and Wellness Retreat at Melisses, Andros, June 9-14, where participants will immerse themselves in Greece’s holistic traditions in the idyllic Cycladic island.

She told TNH, “This retreat is not just another yoga retreat. I’m excited to combine elements from different Yia Mas workshops into one immersive wellness retreat in a curated setting in Greece. The retreat takes place over five nights on Andros at Melisses – a location known for slow food, nice Greek wines, and a setting that blends with nature.

Yia Mas founder Kristina Headrick, at right, during a retreat in Greece. Photo: Yia Mas

“I’ll be leading the retreat – but am coordinating with some incredible locals on excursions. We’ll have daily movement in the form of yoga and/or Greek dance classes, meditation, a class on Greek herbs, and more. We’ll also enjoy a trip to Andros’ historic Chora, a picnic on the beach, and other optional activities that include gathering herbs and a hike. Naturally, there will be plenty of time for repose: I hope that attendees will bring their books, cameras, journals… and generally feel inspired to unplug!”

Headrick continued, “Part of why I created this is because I saw a hole between the whole ‘summer in Greece’ party thing and ‘yoga retreats.’ I want to create an experience that is a bit cultural, a bit wellness-focused, inspiring, and nourishing.”

“Recharge, escape the mundane, reconnect with nature, and soak up that classic Greek summer feeling. The Yia Mas Retreat at Melisses is designed to leave you feeling inspired, renewed, and relaxed.”

Andros with its rich history and beautiful landscape is just two hours from Athens by ferry.

Relax in the infinity pool at Melisses, Andros, during the upcoming Yia Mas retreat in June. Photo: Allegra Pomilio

According to Headrick and the Yia Mas website, Andros is “lusher than many of its Cycladic neighbors,” with “verdant olive groves, rivers, cypress and oak trees, hiking trails, and thermal springs” and “it also has a side that appeals to those searching for culture, history, and a touch of the cosmopolitan.”

“The island’s famous Chora is home to the mansions of erstwhile shipping magnates and stylish boutiques. It’s also classically Cycladic. Blue and white churches dot the landscape, and the seaside town of Batsi is a picture-perfect combination of families on holiday strolling with ice cream, buzzy cocktail bars, and locals going about their lives. Beach wise, Andros offers everything from the craggy, remote variety to more ‘organized’ beaches with beach bars, umbrellas, and freddo espressos delivered to your chair.

The Yia Mas tote in Antiparos at a previous retreat. Photo: Yia Mas

“Andros has been named by Vogue as one of Greece’s most under the radar islands and is also one of the country’s culinary gems. Most of what you’ll consume here is grown, raised, and/or produced on the island.”

“Our Yia Mas retreat at Melisses will balance restorative practices and wellness workshops with a slice of classic Greek summer. We love sharing our Greek culture by shedding light on how it can help you live with more joy and improve your health: think herbs, dance, and the art of human connection. A bit of mindfulness meditation, a bit of Greek dance. A bit of mountain tea, a bit of aperitivo. The famous Mediterranean ‘diet’ will be your primary food group for the week. This is a chance to restore and nourish your inner creative, playful self.

“And we’ll certainly say ‘Yia Mas,’ aka cheers, aka to our health, more than once.”

Details are available online: https://www.yia-mas.com/retreats/greek-wellness-retreat-at-melisses-andros.

Enjoy the delicious food at Melisses, Andros during the Yia Mas Wellness Retreat. Photo: Allegra Pomilio
Enjoy the delicious food at Melisses, Andros during the Yia Mas Wellness Retreat. Photo: Allegra Pomilio