In Response to Kalmoukos’ Analysis

To the Editor:

The following letter is in response to Mr. Kalmoukos’ February 15 analysis attacking Patriarch Theophilos of Jerusalem. As a proud Greek-American writer who has written three books and various articles to media outlets on Greece, Cyprus, and the Ecumenical Patriarchate I am truly appalled by the sentiments expressed and the language used. Patriarch Theophilos of Jerusalem, alongside various Bishops, Priests, monastics, and well educated and informed theologians from Greece and Cyprus have criticized Patriarch Bartholomew’s actions in Ukraine because they respect the canon laws, ecclesiology, and conciliar tradition of the Orthodox Church.

During the eighth century, Byzantine Emperors, Patriarchs, and Bishops burned and destroyed icons while the people of God protected them and venerated them (the iconoclastic crisis). In 1439, under pressure from the Roman Catholics, Emperor John Paleologos bullied the Patriarch and his Bishops into accepting the heretical Council of Florence. When they returned to Constantinople, the hierarchy encountered the anger of the people of God who maintained their loyalty to Christ and the teaching of the fathers of the Church. Patriarchs and Bishops have been wrong before and it is a disastrous mistake to suggest that all power should reside in one single Bishop over the universal Church whose leader is Jesus Christ.

It is clear to any open minded and serious individual why Patriarch Theophilos is convening a gathering in Jordan. His beatitude cares about the unity of the Orthodox Church and seeks to find a way to resolve the Church crisis so that there will not be a permanent schism. Anyone familiar with the facts as to what has transpired in Ukraine or has researched the shady backgrounds of its schismatic “bishops” understands what is at stake here.

The Holy Gospel teaches us to “know the truth, and the truth shall set you free” (John 8:32). There are those of us who believe in searching for the truth and finding the facts with regard to the crisis in the Orthodox Church.

Greek Orthodox faithful have a responsibility to Christ our Lord to see the truth as it pertains to Ukraine. Political interests have interceded to legitimize schismatics in Ukraine through the immoral influence over the Churches of Constantinople and Greece.

As a Greek-American, I stand firmly in solidarity with my Orthodox brethren in Ukraine who face unjust persecution.

Blind loyalty to a single Bishop of the Church is not consistent with the message of the Gospel, the fathers of the Church, or holy tradition. And those of us of Greek ancestry should be outraged by the lack of respect for the sacred institution of the Orthodox Church by western officials and their interference in the Churches of Greece and Constantinople.

Theodore G. Karakostas

Boston, MA



    Theo Kalmoukos’ writing is smarmy… what’s up with him? You ask about standing for truth?
    Sir, that’s the age old problem, good luck in finding Seekers of Truth

  2. Mr Karokostas exposes not only ..the legitimacy of Theophilos, but another example..of how western media and TNH… are collaborators in demeaning anybody ..who brings truth to who is dividing the world and inciting crimes against peace and humanity for economic and political control of the world!

    What up with Kalmoukos?… He and Diamataris are just State department Asset, like Barholomew…and the Greek Secret Society of Ahepan Masons who for the Glory to America and Israel will do anything including waging wars on governments, organizations, and even religious orders, like the Orthodox Church!

    “The United States has discarded pretensions to international legality and decency, and embarked on a course of raw imperialism run amok.”
    (William Rockler, Former Nuremberg Tribunal Prosecutors!

    State department operative, Bartholomew has demonstrated that his robe is tied to Neo Nazi Oligarks of the acknowledged corrupt Ukrainian and U.S government whose only meaning in life is to make their invented enemies like Russia …

    Bartholomew represent another regime change success of any organization, government, or private religion …that had a relationship with Russia..and consequently.. considered enemies of the now acknowledged International Police State of America!

    To this end… the Orthodox Churches of Eastern Europe ..are enemies of the U.S Tyrants ..since, there relationship and sympathies with the Russian Orthodox

    1. Church..make them threats to the plans of these degenerate in the C.i.A and State department to add more U.S bases and take over all the countries of Eastern Europe…in order to eliminate the only countries in the world capable of defending their sovereignty and national interests!

      Bartholomew, like Mistotakis..has surrendered the Orthodox church and its sovereingty to maintain his power under the protection of U.S mobsters and now cooperates with Neo Nazi Oligarks like the former and now indicted corrupt leader of the Ukraine Victor Porchenko in separating the historic relationship between the Russian and Ukrainian Orthodox Church!cont..

      It was US ambassador to Greece ..and former U.S ambassador to the Ukraine …Geoffrey Pyatt..who coordinated the coup of the Ukrainian government which led to the removal of the elected leader of the Ukraine and installation of what is considered by the impeachment committee of Donald Trump.. the most corrupt
      government of Europe which was installed by Geoffrey Pyatt…and included Victor Prochenko!

      the most corrupt government of Europe which was installed by Geoffrey Pyatt…and included Victor Prochenko!
      It was Pyatt ..who publically stated that the Russian Orthodox Churches influence in the Ukraine ..was a threat to the Government of Mr. Porchenko and the people of Ukraine!
      And of course …Barholomew then despicably and blatantly..demonstrated that he is a C.i.A asset ..not the leader of the Orthodox church…

  3. cont..

    by separating the historic relationship between the Russian and Ukrainian churches ..illegally… to comply with state department tyrant and war criminal Geoffrey Pyatt..and now the current prime minister and commander in chief of Greece!

    lets hope ..that a United Orthodox community, will expose Bartholomew for what he has been part of ..which is waging of war against not only Russian Orthodox faithful..but Coptic, Syrian, lebanon, Jerusalem , Iraqi, etc etc ..Orthodox faithful ..who are considered enemies of the C.i.A and State department..because they are part of the countries ..who wish to do business with Bartholomew’s and America’s enemies , not Orthodox Christians enemies!

    Theodore G. Karakostas .. has stuck a dagger into the heart of who has enabled the C.I.A , State department and corrupt members of the U.S government to utilize the corrupt Aristocratic Elitist Mainstream and TNH to not only take over the foreign government of the world..but depravely and literally reach into the heart of the original church of Christ .. The Greek Orthodox Church … to wage wars of destruction, to divide cultures, to divide religions to inherit the worlds resources …which are owned by Christ, not Geoffrey Pyatt, Donald Trump, Netanyahue , Edrogan or Bartholomew!


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