Simplified Birth Registration Process Launched on Monday

(AP Photo/Iuliia Stashevska)

ATHENS – The pilot implementation of the new simplified birth registration process was launched on Monday in 15 maternity and general hospitals (3 in Athens, 12 nationwide) and is to be universally implemented by the end of February, the ministry of digital governance said on Monday.

Once a lengthy process involving four different public services, the process will now be started and completed by the parents at the maternity ward, requiring only basic identification documents.

The relevant state and municipal registries will be updated by the maternity ward electronically, while the newborn will immediately receive a social security number (AMKA). Procedures for reimbursement of the birth allowance will also be automatically initiated if the criteria are met.

Secretary General of Digital Governance and Simplification of Procedures Leonidas Christopoulos said that “today we are demonstrating in practice that we are starting to put an end to bureaucracy and simplifying citizens’ lives, through the National Program for Process Simplification.”