New Democracy Will Put Limits on Small Street Protests

(Photo by Eurokinissi/ Yiannis Panagopoulos, File)

ATHENS – In a measure likely to bring protests itself, the ruling New Democracy will send to the Parliament it controls measures that will limit small demonstrations to only parts of roads or move them to other areas to prevent traffic disruptions in the Greek capital.

The bill, seen by Kathimerini will also allow police to designate an alternate route or area for a march if it threatens to disrupt social and business activity, effectively putting curbs on the protests.

Each march will be assigned an “organizer”  responsible for making sure it’s peaceful and with cooperation with police, the designated person responsible for any damage – but cleared if precautions were taken – as marches often are taken over by violent anarchists.

The bill would also create a police liaison between the authority overseeing the demonstration and the organizer but it wasn’t explained how police could prevent anarchists from showing up or stop them from throwing objects and Molotov Cocktails.

A digital platform will also be created to provide citizens with real-time information on march routes and traffic arrangements with the bill making it a criminal offense for anyone to participate in a demonstration prohibited by police.

Disrupting a demonstration will be a criminal offense if it becomes violent and the measure will let police stop a march if it’s deemed unlawful or the protesters don’t behave orderly or in compliance with what the police want them to do.

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  1. And of course … this is instituted at the same time Mistotakis has approved the occupation of U.S troops of the Greek Military Bases and storing of Drone missiles to be used against foreign nations , and to protect Mistotakis from Regime change for his treason in making Greece , simply , a military colony of US fascist advancing war thruout the world!

    The deplorable populist of Greece.which now serves EU , U.S and Nato foreign leaders in Washington and Brussels … and whose National interests have been completely oppressed for the greater good of the Ruling Aristocracy of Marxists police States of ..the the EU…and were betrayed by Tsipras not fulfilling his promises to throw out U.S and Nato from Greece!

    Tsipras ,who like Mistotakis ..kneeled to the Empire ..who just assassinated a military envoy in Iraq from Iran broad daylight ..which Mistotakis has publically supported , and has incited war with Iran ..and refuses to leave Iraq.which Mistotakis also has public ally supported which also means he supports Nato Turkey’s right to occupy and lay claim to territory in Cyprus, Syria , Greece , and libya, since, Turkey merely does the same thing as their number 1 ally the U.S is doing in Iraq, Syria, Yemen , Afghanistan etc etc.

    As a Greek American, I will never again step into Greece or support Greece in any wars, economic investments, or spend my money in Greece which only support the landlords and property of Washington and Brussels!

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