Analysis: This is how History Is Written

Michael Psaros, Vice Chairman of Friends of St. Nicholas. (Photo: TNH-Archive/ Costas Bej)

The exclusive and extensive interview in last week’s edition of The National Herald by the leaders of the Friends of St. Nicholas organization, Michael Psaros and Dennis Mehiel was a historic one.

It informed our Church and the Greek-American Community in general but also the entire world that construction has resumed on the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and National Shrine at the World Trade Center in Manhattan.

Responding to our question about when construction would restart, they said “construction has already …

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  1. Hey Kalmoukos.. instead of censoring the posts of those who think you are fake news artist ..who prostitutes himself to write what Aristocratic elitist tell you to write for the Glory to America and Israel Greek Secret Society of Ahepa Masons….why don’t you just eliminate the comments section all together!

    You keep erasing all these posts… so I must assume you will be erasing the posts that expose you slanderous ..Russian Agent Narrative ..of Patriarch Theophilos..who challenges the legitimacy of U.S State department Agent ..Patriarch Bartholomew..who did a bang of job ..of complying with degenerate U.S ambassador to Greece ..Geoffrey Pyatt separate the Russian Orthodox Church from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, because .. according to Pyatt .. the Russian Orthodox Church was a threat to the Government of Neo Nazi Oligark and now indicted for corruption ..Victor Porchenko!

    Kolmoukos can erase and censor all the posts you want ..because are a corrupt journalist ..who with Patrick Theros.. are simply the mouthpieces for Aristocratic Elitist who now own the media and the U.S government!

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