President Says Greek Islands Will be Defended Against Turkey

President of the Hellenic Republic Prokopios Pavlopoulos. (Photo by Eurokinissi/ Yiannis Panagopoulos)

ATHENS – Outgoing Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos said the country’s islands would be defended against any Turkish attempt at incursions as tension between the countries is rising over claims to the seas.

Speaking during a visit to Rodopi in northern Greece, Pavlopoulos said the right derives from Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations stipulating “the inherent right of individual or collective self-defense” with respect to threats to peace and acts of aggression.

He noted Turkish claims that any extension of Greek territorial waters will be a cause for war (casus belli) as Turkey, after making a deal with Libya to divide the seas between them, said it would drill for energy off Crete as it’s doing off Cyprus.

That came as Turkey again sent F-16 fighter jets into Greek airspace, this time over the southeastern Aegean islands of Lipsoi and Arkioi near Patmos island, a continuing pattern seen testing Greek resolve.

In an interview with Turkish newspaper Hurriyet on Sunday, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said Greece stationed armed forces in 16 of 23 major eastern Aegean islands, violating a treaty that has called for their demilitarization.

Akar also accused Greece of its “globally unprecedented” discrepancy in claiming a 10-mile national airspace, more than its 6-mile territorial waters. He made no mention of Turkey’s Fourth, or Aegean, Army, headquartered in Izmir, in close proximity to the islands he accused the Greek government of unlawfully militarizing while Turkey said its armies are strictly defensive in their formation.


  1. Diamataris ..enough of your propaganda narratives …that feature a leader of Greece … stating how Greece will defend the homeland against Turkey!

    Everyday have a picture of just one of the many corrupt politicians of Greece …standing up as Nato Ally Turkey..and let me remind all Greeks….that Greece a member of Nato ..has a defense cooperation agreement with not only U.S , but Turkey…violates territorial integrity of Greece!

    Everyday ..the Glory to America and Israel ..propaganda newspaper TNH… features another Greek traitor making believe ..that the new ruling class in Greece … is in complete control of Greece..and is prepared to take action to defend the interests of Greece!

    NO ..Diamantaris… it is the masters of Greece ..U.S, NATO, AND EU ..who are the ruling class of Greece…and they have no plans to defend Greece or any other country of the world against Turkey..since, there only interest is to wage war with Russia and China..who represent the only obstacle to there hegemic take over of the world and Global ruling class of corporate and private billionaires who own U.S, EU and advance their power and money !

    However, the Doomesday clock has been moved forward ..since, the U.S , Nato and Greek defense cooperation agreement require Greece to join the most massive military exercise by Nato since WW 2 on the borders of Russia, which will allow the lunatics running U.S and possibly incite Nuclear war in Europe

    1. cont..
      On February 4th Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated,

      “Russia will react to the US military exercise in Europe Defender 2020 due in March, but it will do so in a way that will rule out unnecessary risks. Naturally, we will react. We cannot ignore processes that arouse very great concerns. But we will react in a way that will not create unnecessary risks.”

      However it is certain the United States and its armed gang in NATO will do everything they can do take risks that could kill us all. For the Defender-Europe 20 exercises are on a vast scale, involving according to a US Army fact sheet, four Army prepositioned weapons and ammunition and other logistics sites in three European countries, transport materiel four thousand kilometres across twelve convoy routes, involve nine thousand US troops already in Europe, seven thousand National Guard soldiers, use 14 major ports and airfields, major elements of the US Navy, major elements of US Air Force units from the US, Europe and Africa, the deployment of 20,000 Army and Marine US soldiers from the US to Europe, twenty thousand pieces of equipment to be moved from the US to Europe including trucks, tanks, and artillery pieces, all having the objective, the US claims of defending Europe from Russia!

      All this unreported by TNH and Associated Press…and what Greece , as a member of Nato..will participate with ..while there only enemy NATO TURKEY..invades Cyprus, Greece, Syria and libya!

    2. Michael makes an interesting case that Greece’s time of great danger from Turkey will be during the March 2020 NATO exercises. Well, maybe, but I think the time of greatest danger might be during a US presidential transition. The Turks picked a US presidential transition in 1974 for their attack on Cyprus.

      An upcoming US presidential transition can occur via many scenarios. It could be from Trump being defeated in November 2020 and having a two-month transition period before the new guy or gal takes office. It could be from Trump dying in office (he will be 74 1/2 years old come next inauguration day) and Pence having to get acclimated to the job in the first few months. Or the dangerous transition could be after the 2024 election.

      Oh well, at least we did not give the Turks the gift of a transition via an impeachment conviction this month.

  2. John… what do you think Edrogan has been doing during the impeachment trial of Donnie…INVADING and

    Today .. the Syrian army… the only legitimate army of the people of Syria advancing on IDLIB, liberate this city from the last major stronghole of AL QUEDA and Al Nustra terrorist know the proxy armies of Turkey and U.S …who have killed thousands of Syrians to overthrow the elected government of Syria , and impose a government based on Saudi Arabia’s Sunni Muslim doctrines where freedom of religion does not exist!

    Last week .. they did what the cowards in Cyprus and Greece will not do …they opened up on Turkish troops supporting there Turkish militias and Al Queda terrorist in Idlib and killed a dozen and took prisoners! Edrogan has now shelled the Syrian government forces … and demanded that they withdraw from Idlib..based on protecting the civilians of Idlib

    Get this ..Edrogan tells the Syrian army fighting their terrorists to liberate Idlib…that they cannot take back their own lands..just like he did in Cyprus for humanitarian reasons!

    And the warlord leader and ally of Turkey ..the U.S supports them!

    Why are you, Diamataris, and MIstotakis not condemning Turkey and demanding they leave Syria?

    Instead Mistotakis legitimizes what Edrogan is doing not only in Syria , but Cyprus and Greece, by doing nothing!

    MIstotakis is a traitor, since he is not Greek but U.S Nato collaborator

    1. cont..

      who has only one enemy …and that is the one invented by U.S and Nato ….Russia!

      John.. you are worried about Turkey invading Greece or something ..well apparently..there busy already in war with Syria and fighting the rebel General Hafar of libya to keep their in puppets in power in libya ..who they with U.S and Nato installed by assassinating the elected leader of libya!

      The real treason for Mistotakis in signing another military defense agreement with the Neo Nazi empire of the U.S .which now allows unlimited occupation of Greece by U.S troops and military equipment not to protect Greece , but in fact ..prevent Greece from attacking Turkey for there International crimes against Greeks and Syrians!

      Let me remind you ..that it was Henry Kissinger who prevented Greece from aiding the Greek Cypriots and using the U.S fleets to block Greek Naval response to the invasion of Cyprus!

      Lets be clear…the number one ally of Turkey is the United there war on Russia, China, Iran , Syria!

      .MIstotakis is not Greek, as he has allowed the number one ally of Turkey… the United States.. to now completely occupy Greece militarily and turn Greece into a military colony of America and Nato… to not protect the interests of Greece ..but support the interests of Turkey …the number one enemy of Greece!

      Just think…U.S and Nato..have done nothing to Turkey in Cyprus, Greece, Syria , or libya… all war crimes invasions and land grabs!…

    2. You said “you are worried about Turkey invading Greece or something ..well apparently..there busy already in war with Syria…..”

      Yes, I know that Turkey has recently been doing bad stuff in Syria, Libya, etc. But isn’t Turkey also a threat to Greece? Indeed, I thought the gist of your earlier comment was that Turkey might make a move against Greece and Cyprus in March.

  3. let me help you John…. While Nato Turkey is doing Bad stuff in Syria, libya,Greece Cyprus ..right now , Greece , a part of Nato doing some very bad stuff on the borders of Russia…like insanely showcasing a military attack on Russia…. by the Madmen of America and their Vassal EU states!

    Let me help you , John and the rest of the Glory to America and Israel walking dead!.

    What would happen if Russia, China got together with Mexico , Cuba Venezuela to simulate a military exercise on the borders of America? .. You would call it an act of war or insanity!

    Right now Nato Greece is part of this …and guess what mistake, one misinterpretation , one simple perception by Russia …that this is not an exercise but an invasion of Russia ..or an accidental launch of a missile into Russia …is going to possibly incite WW111 in Europe!

    And while you are worried about the number one ally of America Turkey invading Greece…you should be worried about what Athens is going to look like …when Russia responds to war!

    What do you not understand the fanatics of America ..would love to turn Europe into the war zone for war with Russia, just like they have destroyed the Middle East!

    So you want to be owned by America..then get ready to pay the ultimate price in waging war on their enemies not Greece! Did you not learn anything…when Iran said it would attack Athens if U.S attacks Iran!

    JOHN, stop acting stupid!

    1. One concern I have expressed is that Turkey could attack Greece and/or Cyprus at a US presidential transition.

      But there are other concerns I have about how such a disaster can occur. One other grim possibility is that the US could be in a war with Iran or Russia (or both) and Turkey would attack Greece and/or Cyprus in the confusion.

      I am not stupid. So hold the insults.

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