Dennis Mehiel and Michael Psaros, Chairman and Vice Chairman of Friends of St. Nicholas, Speak Exclusively to TNH

Michael Psaros, Vice Chairman of Friends of St. Nicholas. (Photo: TNH-Archive/ Costas Bej)

BOSTON – The construction the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and National Shrine has already resumed according to Dennis Mehiel and Michael Psaros, chairman and vice chairman, respectively, of Friends of St. Nicholas, who spoke to The National Herald during an exclusive and extensive interview.

They also said that “the net cost” to complete the Church, interior and exterior, is $42 million, and they spoke about the fundraising efforts that are underway.

When we asked if any financial irregularities took place during …

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  1. Really? No comments on this story? (or is the NH censoring dissent?)

    Note to ALL in authority at the GOC:
    paying lip-service to ‘transparency’ is in no way being transparent. For more than two years, you’ve stone-walled. That is tantamount to lying. And after two years, you actually lie, and quite ineptly.

    After manipulating the parishioners, even requiring the obedient ladies of the Philoptochos (!) into giving donations to build this monstrosity at Ground Zero, you bear a greater obligation of responsibility.

    God sees all, and knows all. It’s his opinion you should fear.

  2. Relax, the church donations coming in daily from visitors will eventually bring in money to the archdiocese and cover the cost of this project. If you have issues with it , don’t donate or visit it. But those haters who trash it should just shut their big mouths and focus on something positive in their lives. It is what is is now move on!

  3. I’m praying to St. Nicholas in Heaven to direct his forces that be on construction, & make the Cross on top of Shrine much Bigger — to be more obvious it’s a Christian site…
    It’s location is just wonderful being right near the 9/11 Memorial Pool, its gushing waters, so symbolic for our collective healing –

    I can envisage the completion of our holy Orthodox Shrine in future; our dear Vicar General Alex Karloutsos says it could be ready by Spring 2021 –
    imagine how magnificent it’ll look — glowing at night
    + shining in daytime;
    I see it as a kind of Amulet — a spiritual, monumental Ornament to give protection against evil…

    with St. Nicholas Orthodox Shrine down there,
    for the visiting world, it’ll be compelling visit down at Ground Zero!

  4. It is NOT a shrine… IS a Greek Orthodox Church…..can anyone explain to me why shrine and NOT Greek Orthodox Church , which St Nicholas always was……is this an attempt to conceal the Greek “Orthodoxness” of this structure for political expediency ? if so then it will NEVER be a true Greek Orthodox Church…..

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