Turkey Is Sending Warships, Mercenaries to Libya Macron Says

French President Emmanuel Macron, center, welcomes Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis before their talks Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2020 in Paris. (AP Photo/Thibault Camus)

PARIS — French President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday accused Turkey of breaching an agreement to halt foreign interference in Libya by sending warships and mercenaries to the North African country.

Following a meeting with Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Macron also described a maritime deal between Turkey and Libya’s U.N.-backed government as a “void document” with no legal or political standing.

“These past few days we have seen Turkish warships accompanied by Syrian mercenaries arrive on Libyan soil. This is a serious and explicit infringement of what was agreed upon in Berlin,” Macron said, referring to an international summit in the German capital earlier this month.

Earlier Wednesday, the Turkish military said four frigates and a refuelling vessel were in the central Mediterranean, outside Libya’s territorial waters, to support NATO operations in the region while also conducting activities to ensure the security of maritime trade routes.

Turkey supports the weak U.N.-recognized administration in the capital of Tripoli led by Prime Minister Fayez Sarraj, while France backs a rival government in the east aligned with the self-styled Libyan Arab Armed Forces led by Gen. Khalifa Hifter.

Macron dismissed a maritime deal between Turkey and Sarraj’s government last year that would give Turkey and Libya access to an economic zone despite the objections of Greece, Egypt and Cyprus, which lie between the two geographically.

“France supports Greece and Cyprus with regards to the sovereignty in their maritime zones and, along with our European partners, condemns Turkey’s intrusions and provocations,” Macron said.

“I must reiterate that the prerequisite for any political solution in Libya is the cancellation of this document,” he added.

Turkey accused Macron of making “unrealistic claims” against Ankara and holding France responsible for the crisis in Libya.

“It is no secret that (France) gave unconditional support to Hifter in order to have a say concerning Libya’s natural resources,” the Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement. “Hifter’s attacks on the legitimate government, with the help of the military support of countries including France, pose the most serious threat to Libya’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.”

It added that “what is expected of France is to assume a positive role for stability and security in Libya, instead of blaming Turkey.”


  1. Really … Macron ? So what is new…war criminal Macron ..who supported Turkey’s, U.S . Saudi Arabia, UAE. Sunni Muslim jihadist mercenaries .in overthrowing the legitimate government of libya with his other degenerates from Greece and Nato which forced a refugee crisis..overwhelming the people of Greece!

    Really, Macron who every week the Yellow Vest French Protest against his government and unreported by THH and the U.S Nato .propaganda media machine..and had no problem with Turkish terrorist mercenaries funded by France , U.S, and Saudi Arabia to kill thousands of Orthodox Christians just to overthrow the legitimate government of Syria ..while France committed with U.S and UK ..Anglo Evangelical white supremacist ..a war crimes bombing of the people of Syria to protect their animal, the same ones he is complaining about in libya!.

    To show you how deviate and depraved Associated Press and TNH is being journalist prostitutes to U.S and Nato war crimes .they tell us … that the country ..France… who initiated with Hillary Clinton .the destruction and destabilization of the legitimate government of libya…now returns to the scene of its crimes ..to and get this Hypocracy that even Associated Press can’t help but notice ..what Macron and his French war criminals expect.of there new role in libya!…

    Macron. added that “what is expected of France is to assume a positive role for stability and security in Libya, instead of blaming Turkey.”

    1. Cont..
      MIstotakis .may be the worst traitor to Greece,even greater than Tsipras .because it is clear ..that he continues to support U.S , EU and Nato economic, political , and military wars against Russia , Syria , Iran , Iraq, Yemen, libya, Afghanistan, Somalia .and who could forget his ringing endorsement of the Regime change war of the Government of Venezuela..which includes an economic embargo of the exports of Venezuelan oil and gas, and food and medicines.to starve the people of Venezuela to death, as they are doing in Iran and Iraq.to surrender their elected leader, Maduro..and replace him with one chosen by MIstotakis and Robert Menendez! Which by the way,.even Tsipras did not do!

      Mistotakis and the ruling parties of Greece ..are turning Greece into not only a U.S colony ..but EU and Nato colony..just like Cyprus!

      He now wants to change the constitution of Greece…to accommodate the occupation
      of the most criminal military army in world history.whose Global crimes are unmatched in world history.even by Nazi Germany. The International Police state of the world ..the United States of America! Even the atrocities committed by US forces from based in Iraq..another occupied country who is demanding U.S get the heck out of their country ..because of the atrocities they have committed within their country.has no meaning on the deviate Mistotakis;to put American troops and more bases in Greece to not protect the people of Greece, only himself!.

  2. Unfortunately the international newspapers including this one as the international organization are clearly effected by UAE and France and Saudi influence to bring a new dictatorship to the Libyan people.why you didn’t support your information with photos of those you claiming mercenaries although all world wide know who is bringing Russian mercenaries and Sudanese.

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