Sen. Menendez: He’s Our Guy

U.S. Senator Robert Menendez. (Photo by Eurokinissi/Yiannis Panagopoulos)

While Greek-Americans, Cypriot-Americans, and the Diaspora can often feel their voices are lost in Congress, especially with Turkey lobbying lawmakers, they’ve always been able to rely on Democratic New Jersey U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez to carry the fight for them.

The praised heaped on him for walking tall for Hellenic causes was echoed by The International Coordinating Committee Justice for Cyprus (PSEKA) who call him “America’s Number One Philhellene,” a proud mantle to wear.

The group noted that when U,S, Sen. Paul Sarbanes from Maryland, a fellow Democrat, was carrying the causes and about to retire in 2006 he was asked who would best be the torch carrier after him and replied: “Make sure Bob Menendez is elected to the Senate.”

The Cypriot group agreed. “Sarbanes was correct. In Bob’s 13 years in the House, followed by his 13 years in the Senate, his devotion of time and political capital to all Hellenic and Orthodox issues is Sarbanes-like.”

It added that Menendez asks hard questions of proposed Ambassadors to Greece, Cyprus, or Turkey who appear before him for their essential confirmation hearings as he was past Chairman and now Ranking Member of the Foreign Relations Committee and always has his eye on Greece and Cyprus, watching their backs.

“His message to these possible Ambassadors is clear – their treatment of Cyprus, Greece, and the Ecumenical Patriarchate could well determine their current and future Senate confirmations,” and he has the clout to make sure.

He was able to get into law the Eastern Mediterranean Energy and Security Partnership Act in the Senate where Republicans have the majority, by partnering with fellow Cuban-American, GOP Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, as cosponsor.

“By enacting the Eastern Mediterranean Energy and Security Partnership Act, Menendez took a major step toward embedding in the minds of America’s policymakers a term we have spent nearly two years working to establish,” the group added.

The EastMed Act geopolitically links Cyprus and Greece close to Israel through plans to move gas through a pipeline into the European Union, further strengthening an alliance against Turkey’s drilling off Cyprus and claiming waters in the Aegean and East Mediterranean.

“It also helps policymakers realize that Cyprus, Greece, and Israel are the only stable Western Democracies in the Middle East and alone can be counted on as supportive allies,” the group added about the act and his role in doing that.

It was such a landmark for the community, they added, that it “overcame the powerful and seemingly insurmountable half-century-old American tilt toward Turkey,” especially with U.S. President Donald Trump considering Turkish President Recep Tayyip a friend and backing him over the Congress, which barred Turkey from getting F-35 fighter jets.

Turkey, they said, spends 25-50 times more lobbying in Washington than does Greece or Cyprus, with community groups often called to play an important role in insuring that key causes are not overshadowed or set aside.

“Menendez saw an opportunity resulting from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s purchase of Russian S-400 missiles jeopardizing the stealth capabilities of American and NATO F-35 fighter jets. Menendez broke through that crack in the tilt and scored,” the Cypriot-American committee added.

Menendez is also a driving force in a law calling for lifting the arms embargo on Cyprus, where Turkey has a 35,000-strong army on the northern side it has occupied since an unlawful 1974 invasion, the Turks being able to buy whatever weapons they want to bolster their forces.

He also speaks out about Turkey’s aggression in Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), where Turkish ships are drilling for oil and gas offshore, and supports funds for Greek and Cypriot military training and loans for Greece’s purchase of U.S. arms, and the creation of a strategy to improve cooperation between the Eastern Mediterranean countries and America over energy and security.

“We are relying on our Secretary of State to stop Turkish aggression against Greece and Cyprus. And we are lucky, beyond words, to have Bob Menendez in the leadership of the U.S. Senate’s Committee with responsibility for the oversight of that implementation,” the group also added.


  1. Did you see anything in TNH about Trump’s historic March for Life ? Nope. Just nonsense about Cyprus and this clown politician. TNH is staffed by tried and true Leftists.

  2. Letter to the Editor…

    Diamantaris and TNH ..are not leftists..they are worse .. they have different names …they are Stalinist Marxist or what we call ..members of the Organized Crime families of America and Nato

    The are Global Marxist and gangsters .advancing the control of their White Supremacist Aristocratic Elitist Police State take over the Economic, Political , and military control of the independent countries of the Greece!

    They are the mouthpiece who promote their” Glory to America and Israel” Greek Secret Society of Ahepa Masons..all card carrying Greek and American Zionist fanatics. ..whose leadership is a Networking bunch of fanatics to misrepresent the interests of Greeks and Americans and spend their entire lives trying to take pictures with anybody in the government to make you and I think they are important, but only used by the State department of degenerates to suggest that all Greeks support Is

    Diamanataris does not report the march of 4 million the U.S Embassy demanding that Latin Scarfaces Senator Menendez and Marco Rubio..the notorious latin mafia boys now coordinating the Regime change wars on Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Iraq and of course Iran, honor the decision of the Iaqi parliament to close there bases and take their war crimes occupation troops out of Iraq! At the country’s capital, streets were filled with an endless column of people who paraded to express their repudiation of the U.S..

    1. cont..
      to express their repudiation of the U.S. military presence.

      Diamantaris, does not want to spoil U.S agent Mistotakis plans to turn Greece into a U.S colony and occupation ..and does not want us to see a glimpse of what may happen on January 30th..lhe day the corrupt Greek government changes their constittion to hand over Greece to degenerates like Menendez as described..

      Banners showed slogans such as “No, No to the U.S. and Yes to Iraqi sovereignty,”

      “The willingness of free nations is stronger than the U.S. aggression,” and “Global terrorism is made in the U.S.”

      While some protesters burned images of Donald Trump, others marched raising photos of the U.S. president’s face crossed out with a red “X”.

      “We have not obtained anything from the U.S. , except problems, wars, and sieges,” Ziyad Qasim Abdullah, a 39-year-old chauffeur, said.

      I know Scarface Latin Ahepan Menendez… I grew up with him in the Democratic Tammany Hall of Hudson County New Jersey politics .run by the mob! It was Menendez implicated with the Mayor of Union City., N.J. in pay to play bribes and corruption ..which landed the Mayor and some of his associates in Federal penitentiary! But somehow ..the mob was able to save Menendez!

      I attended at the same time the same University Menendez attended…and was regretfully a President of one of the Cult Chapter of the Zionist Greek Secret Society of Ahepa Masons in New Jersey..who attempted to have him removed ..

  3. cont.

    for not only his historic corruption, but for indictments for Bribery and fraud as Senator of New Jersey, which he was handsomely payed by a nice Jewish doctor .to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars, which Scarface Menendez..called Gifts embezzled from the Medicare funds of the Seniors of America by the good doctor…and now spending 20 years in Prison ..with Menendez other friend ..the Mayor of Union City!

    Most importantly.. he is traitor and Pay to Play degenerate which got Trump Elected ..who represented exclusively the interests of foreign countries ..specifically Israel! ‘

    No ..Diamantaris .he is your guy and your Greek Freaks running Greece and Cyprus..not the people!

    Menendez the number one compensated Politician in Government in the world by the notorios radical Jewish Pro Israeli lobby of America to represent Israeli interest ..not America or Greece!

    To this end…this is the acts of treason that have led to crimes against peace and humanity in support of Israel…and the indicted Bibi Netanyahue. who publically demanded of U.S ..

    That an international approved agreement which include America be torn up which Iran was complying with
    that prohibited Iran from producing nuclear weapons and preserve the peace of the world… Latin Scarface Ahepan Robert Menendez , the greatest Hellene in history was only 1 of 4 democrats in the Senate to support the tearing up this agreement, which benefits Israel to wage war on Iran!

    1. cont..

      This act by Menendez has destabilized the Middle East evoked war on U.S troops in Iraq, ignited a war between Americans and Iraqis, Syrians, and Iran both Economically , Politically, and militarily , and guess what .. possibly evoke war on Greece ..for their support of the Assassination of an Iranian military envoy in Iraq and the continued illegal occupation of Iraq by U.S troops! The Iranian government who launched 18 missiles on the US bases which injured .unreported ..34 U.S servicemen …has declared that further attacks on Iran ..will be responded to by retaliating against Athens and U.S bases in Greece ..for US Agents MIstotakis and Menendez support!

      These actions by Menendez..on behalf of Israel..are not only treason..but crimes against Peace..which in Nuremburg ..hung Nazis for that charge!

      It was Menendez ..who as chairman of the foreign affairs committee…allocated 1 billion dollars to the C..I.A to recruit Syrian terrorists to support Israels interest in overthrowing the Syrian government to take control with America their country..and as we now see their oil fields!

      It was Menendex ..who now promote the East Med Energy Partnership, not for the benefit of Greece and Cyprus ..but to the benefit of Israel ..and turn over the oil and gas industry to Israel and Exxon Mobil!
      It is Menendez ..who promotes only a Geopolitical narrative for Israel to extort cooperation by Greece and Cyprus to their Geopolitical fabricating

  4. The march for life was a beautiful event that wasn’t covered in the media anywhere. Just an FYI, you can not be pro choice and be a Christian. That is the only choice you have and NO ONE, whether you are a believer or not, is exempt from judgement day. And I’m not sorry if I offended anyone. Get over it!!

  5. cont
    with the FAT BOY MUSSOLINI of the Ahepa Zionist..and Diamataris…the fantasy that a pipeline will be built from Israels leviathan Gas field thru Cyprus to the middle of claimed oil and gas waters by Libya, and Turkey..which merely represents a country throwing a hand grenade into an ammunition dump to ignite a massive explosion!

    FAT BOY and HIS Greatest Hellene.. think we are all stupid and inferior deplorables as expressed by fellow democratic idol Hillary Clinton …Menendez main squeeze among other in this crime family!

    You want Fantasy .. they would like you to believe ..that a PIPELINE will be built at a startng cost of 7 billion dollars in the deepest waters and distance in World history to Greece and then Italy and completed in our lifetimes!

    First lets try 14 billion dollars …and funded by a broke Greece, Cyprus and Israel a country who must get 5 billions dollars a year of Americas treasury courtesy of their U.S agent Menendez to fund their military needs. which apparently, Menendez has not provide Greece or Cyprus! And of course..they do not mention that the EU.has already rejected any idea of the EU subsidizing this construction.which is really a part of the economic warfare of US to obstruct Russia oil and gas to Europe!

    What they don’t tell that Israel has just started shipping oil from the leviathan oil and gas fields to Egypt and Jordan thru pipelines that took ten years to complete..

    Menendez.not my guy!

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