Analysis: Ode to Our Retired Priests

Archbishops Iakovos. Photo by TNH/Costas Bej (FILE).

Today’s analysis is a brief ode to our retired priests. I was prompted to write this article by January’s edition of The Epistle, the monthly newsletter that connects our retired clergy and their wives and families who are scattered everywhere in this great country of ours.

They are the ones that remain of basically the first generation graduates of our Seminary who served the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese so diligently and with many sacrifices.

Many have fallen asleep. I remember reverently and lovingly …

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  1. Fr. Demetrios Kavadas was a good priest and a good man. I was a member of Assumption Greek Orthodox Church in Detroit and then in Saint Clair Shores from 1972 to 1980. May his memory be eternal!

    I honor all the retired priests, but I disagree with the statement about “the tremendous demands of the new priests who despite that they were ordained yesterday, despite that they are exceptional mediocrities and that they don’t even live in the vicinity of the parish (in some cases they live more than an hour away in another city and state) they demand high salaries.” The new priests I know do NOT demand high salaries and are very devoted to the church and their parishes. I know, however, of priests who should have retired and already receive pensions and still claim high salaries just for having been priests so long (even if not serving a parish). A small parish cannot afford $100,000+ to support them. Yet, the Metropolitan will not allow that parish to have a part-time priest.

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