Trump Will Be 3rd Pres. to Have Privilege of Vindication

American flags blow in wind around the Washington Monument with the U.S. Capitol in the background at sunrise on Monday, Jan. 20, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Jon Elswick)

It is hardly a bold prediction that long before Easter or Opening Day of baseball, Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial will have wrapped up nicely and neatly, with Trump being acquitted and wearing that vindication as a badge of honor. It is also not much of a stretch to say he is the candidate most likely to win in November. Of course, it’s still early and anything can happen, but challengers to incumbents need to be political superstars, or only …

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  1. God Bless President Trump –
    America pray for him to endure this fake impeachment & those 12 hour sessions each day;
    is that necessary?

    Trump will have last laugh—the radical looney leftists will soon eat humble pie!

    Thanks Dino – & also, it was magnanimous of you to defend another good man, Antonios Diamataris of TNH. Just another witch hunt grasping at straws.

    p.s. haven’t forgotten reading your political book years ago: ‘Grumpy Old Party’ — yes spot on predictions!

    Go Trump⭐️

  2. It doesn’t matter who wins or loses..nothing will change Sage Girl.will pray for any deviate that continues your Glory to Ameria and Israel ..foreign policy of crimes against humanity, crimes against Peace, War Crimes that has earned you heroes based on International polls of the country of the world by Gallop!

    The Greatest and most dangerous threat to world peace the United States of America.
    Yes Sage Girl ..Donald Trump may be vindicated for these false charges by the opposing mob family of Democrates, who would prefer their Godfather over the Evangelical Godfather of the organized crime family of the Republican deviates!

    Now if ..we had a government not run by Secret Societies of Fascst Billionaire Bankers, and Wall Street capitalist..we would se my former Idol Donnie sitting at the International Criminal Court at the Hague..for War crimes , Crimes against Humanity for the murder of Syrian, Iraqis, Iranians,Yemenese and starving the people of Venezuela based on his orders!

    God Bless Donald Trump for ASSASINATING in Broad Daylight a bunch of military dignitaries serving their families and country to meet with Iraq government leaders to review a proposal to reduce Tensions between the Sunni Muslim religious fanatics of Saudi Arabia.and the Shia Muslim country of Iran!

    God Bless Donald Trump for inciting a war with launching a drone missile that mutilated human being with families, and then killing 176 people on an Ukrainian airliner

    1. cont..

      by provoking a retaliatory strike against the U.S bases who assassinated the Iranian Envoy ..who dared infringe on the territory of the Mob Godfather ..Donald Trump!

      Yes..Sage deviate… if Trump did not commit that war crime ..there would never had been a mistake by the Iranians ..thinking that another retaliatory strike by U.S with another one of there Drones was incoming! There would not have been a defense operator asking for someone to kill him ..for his mistake!

      This is a man …who brags about how his economic warfare and black mail of the degenerate like Greece to join him crushing the people of Iran and starving them of medical and food needs ,just so they will remove their leaders!

      Scaros , I article is strictly related to the other half of the crime families now in charge of America…but it is time you tell your readers what you really think of what he has done in Iraq and Iran!

      Tell us ..what you really think of the foreign policy of Donnie and his hit men..who are marching us to Economjc and military destruction! When you use Economic Sanctions to murder people is still murder! And the end result ..the dollar is their tool of war ..but now it will be droped by the international community, and replaced by other currencies to circumvent the Blackmail by these Hoods!

      And If I was you better start covering your banking deposits..because there value will drop like bricks!

  3. One historical parallel should be remembered by Americans of Greek ancestry. I recall a similar crisis in US leadership and that was in the summer of 1974 over Richard Nixon and the Watergate cover up. Regardless of what you think of the allegations about Richard Nixon or about Donald Trump, there is one unavoidable fact for us to recall about the summer of 1974: The Turks picked that moment for their aggression against Cyprus.

    We should hope for a relaxation of US domestic tensions, in part, for the sake of our ancestral Greece, which faces current threats of Turkish attacks.

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