Cyprus’ Tasos Anastasiades Featured at 2013 Malta Comic Con

Tasos Anastasiades from Cyprus is one of the featured artists at the 2013 Malta Comic Con. The annual event is the biggest opportunity for local creators to exhibit, showcase and sell their work.  The show boast a great number of international creators. It contains a very culturally and stylistically diverse group of guests, including Ian Churchill, Mike Carey, Sean Phillips and Charlie Adlard from England, William Simpson from Ireland, the SOB crew from Wales, Rebekah Isaacs and Ales Kot from the USA the latter of Czech descent, Marco Santucci, Emanuela Lupacchino and Stefano Cardoselli from Italy, Grafimated School of comics from Sicily, Guillermo Ortego from Spain, Rosalys and Joel Alessandra from France, Esad Ribic from Croatia and Dave Lung from South Africa.

Michael Dialynas is there from Greece,

In addition to selling their books and original art, many of the artists sketch for free or do commissioned work for fans who attend.