Flavia Sgoifo Honored by the Alliance of Alien Artists

Bianca Waechter, Flavia Sgoifo, and Giorgia Valenti with Alliance of Alien Artists Founder Maya Avisar. Photo by Eleni Sakellis

NEW YORK – Extraordinary Aliens, Et Alia Theater, and the Alliance of Alien Artists presented an event dedicated to international artists based in New York on January 16 at Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo in Manhattan.

The evening began with an awards presentation honoring the cast of the off Broadway production Extraordinary Aliens, Flavia Sgoifo, Bianca Waechter, and Giorgia Valenti, for their play. The play which was written by Sgoifo, Arianna Wellmoney, and Waechter, and directed by Sgoifo, returned to New York for three performances at the New York Winter Fest, January 13, 15, and 18, at the Hudson Guild Theater in Manhattan.

“We wrote this play with Arianna and Bianca last year aiming to tell a true story, while supporting the community of international artists going through any immigration process here in the States, and to make people laugh,” Sgoifo noted.

Alliance of Alien Artists founder Maya Avisar spoke about the mission of the Alliance in empowering international performers who are pursuing a career in the Unites States.

Flavia Sgoifo was honored by the Alliance of Alien Artists. Photo: Courtesy of Flavia Sgoifo

The Alliance of Alien Artists is celebrating one year of supporting the work of international performers, and as Avisar noted, the work of Sgoifo, Waechter and Valenti is a great example for other international artists to follow. “Create your own work,” she encouraged all those artists present.

A little bit about the play, Extraordinary Aliens is the journey of a very important stressed alien through the immigration process, Fabianna – a foreign actress whose dream is to work in the United States. Unfortunately, dreams are a little harder to achieve when you have to worry about types of visas, deadlines, immigration fees and an attorney who seems more messed up than yourself. Fabianna will soon find that troubles are always around the corner – but she also might find herself not completely alone in the process.

Based on true events.

The event continued with a reading of the new original play Lolique, staged reading of the play written by Isabella Uzcátegui, and performed by an ensemble of international artists. In the play, Amelia collects the mythical journey of the woman of the first experiment, Lolique. The play features scenarios on love and grief and the re-performance of memories through generations. Directed by Ana Moioli, the play features Maria Muller as Amelia, Giorgia Valenti as Bali, Uzcátegui as Lolique, Mariano Flores as Gabo, and Hendrik Riemens as Jaime.

Bianca Waechter, Hendrik Riemens, Isabella Uzcátegui, Mariano Flores, Maria Muller, and Giorgia Valenti during the reading of the new play Lolique. Photo by Eleni Sakellis

Under Moioli’s skillful direction, the talented performers brought the complicated themes of the play to life and left the audience looking forward to a full staging.

A wine and networking reception followed.

More information about the Alliance of Alien Artists is available on Facebook.

For more information about Extraordinary Aliens at Winter Fest: https://newyorkfestivaltickets.com/product/extraordinary-aliens/.

Flavia Sgoifo was honored by the Alliance of Alien Artists. Photo by Eleni Sakellis