Yes, It Is Greece’s Obligation to Support the Greek Community

Fle- PM MItsotakis at American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce. (Photo by Eurokinissi/ Yorgos Kontarinis)

Change: every change, in every country, in every organization, whether big or small, causes reactions even from those who are positively affected.

Because change causes fear – fear of the unknown.

This is evidenced by a large number of studies – including an interesting book that has sold millions of copies, “Who Moved My Cheese,” which has also been translated into Greek.

I think almost all of us will agree that Greece moves at a slower pace than other countries, even its neighbors. …

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  1. Have you read Michelle Malkin’s Defense of Internment? Of course not, it insults your political correctness which blinds you to reality. An immigrant from the Austro-Hungarian Empire blew up the Black Tom JC NJ munitions depot, and was prosecuted by the same official who told FDR to intern Japanese, when it was found that American-born Japanese aided downed Pearl Harbor airmen. If you listen to how anti-American all the Efremite Yiayias are, telling us we deserved 9/11, and refusing to learn English, then you should really fear that as 1921 brought 1922, 2021 may bring in 2022, the expulsion of disloyal Greeks from America.

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