Ecumenical Patriarch Urges Patriarch of Jerusalem Not to Persist on Holding Synaxis

From the meeting of Patriarch Theophilos of Jerusalem with Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and Vladimir Putin in November in Moscow. (Photo provide by

CONSTANTINOPLE –  His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew sent a strong letter to Patriarch Theophilos of Jerusalem regarding his “initiative” to invite the primates of the Orthodox Churches around the World for consultation in Amman, Jordan “on preserving unity in the Eucharistic communion of the Orthodox Church.”

The Ecumenical Patriarch expressed his surprise that the letter sent by the Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilos was for the first time written in English and not in Greek, as is common in the correspondence …

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  1. How pathetic Kalmoukos, another State department Greek Secret Society Masons operatives .has left out the picture of Bartholomew standing next to Neo Nazi Victor Porchenko..the former President of the Ukraine indicted for corruption and bribery in the Ukraine ..and the key figure in the Burismo energy bribery scandals with another of Diamataris glory to money and corruption .Joe Biden!

    Then add Latin Scarface Ahepan Robert Menendez and Geoffrey Pyatt to Diamataris and Bartholomews.cabal of enemies to the Orthodox faith thru out the world, It should be no surprise, if they want a meeting to remove Bart, for serving the Neo Nazi Regimes of the Ukraine and U.S whose stated goals are to destroy Russia and the Orthodox Church to eliminate any obstacles and connections between the Russian people and Eastern Europe and the Middle East!

    Of course …the Patriarch sent a letter to Bart in English recognition that he does not represent the Greek Orthodox Christians , but a bunch of Bible Toting Anglo Evangelical war criminals ..who if you haven’t noticed are at war with just about every country of the spread their Exceptional Culture and Religion of Hate and Murder to SAVE them!

    While Putin, is pictured at Christmas Mass at Greek Orthodox Church in Damascus with Dr .Assad ..the sr leader of Syria, who has liberated and brought peace to the Orthodox community, Kalmoukos and Bart join Trump in burning the Christians of the Middle East! ..

    1. Mr. Gianakos your baseless pro-Putin comments and disdain for people who serve all of us is sickening. Why are you so angry all the time?

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