Greece World’s 28th Strongest Military Power, Turkey 9th

File- A man selling Greek flags walks past a Hellenic army tank before a military parade at the northern port city of Thessaloniki, Greece , Sunday, Oct. 28, 2018. (AP Photo/Giannis Papanikos)

ATHENS – Outgunned Greece would, on paper, be no match against Turkey if there’s a conflict with worries rising as Turkey keeps claiming waters in the Aegean and East Mediterranean and no one moving to stop it.

The USA, then Russia, followed by China, India, France, and Japan are the countries ranked with the highest military strength with Greece coming in 28th in the world, according to the latest review by Global Firepower, while Turkey is ninth, based on an index.

The report said Greece spends $6.54 billion for defense while Turkey spends $8.6 billion while Greece has an available manpower of 4,993,347 which accounts for 46.4% of the total population with 4,044,611 or 36.7 percent, fit for service.

The number of Greeks reaching military age annually is just over 100,000, with service compulsory except for some celebrities and the privileged who are able to get out of it. The current active personnel total is 140,000 with 222,000 in reserve.

Greece has a total aircraft strength of 566 aircraft systems ranking it 20th out of 137 countries, with 187 Fighters (ranked 16 of 137), 187 Attack systems (ranked 15 of 137) and 19 transports – fixed wing tactical/strategic aircraft (ranked 37 of 137.)

Turkey has a manpower of 41,847,478 – almost 10 times that of Greece – with 35,151,882 fit for service, although some defense analysts said Greece’s military is better prepared after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan decimated Turkey of top officers following a failed 2016 coup attempt.

Turkey keeps sending fighter jets into Greek airspace unlawfully, resulting in frequent dogfights against often more experienced Greek fighters.

Turkey also lost a chance to buy more advanced F-35 fighter jets to use against Greek F-16s when Erdogan authorized purchase of a Russian S-400 missile defense system that could compromise NATO, the defense alliance to which both belong.


  1. Turkey will challenge Greece more aggressively than it has been in hopes Greece will attack. This is their goal. If Greece refrains from defending its sea rights and islands turkey will infringe to the point of occupation by bullying with no resistance from Greece other than complaints to the EU and nato which will do nothing , and the US who will pay lip service but not risk losing turkey, which they never really had since the Turks are masters at playing the Americans and Russians against each other. If Greece promises to share with American companies oil and gas rights , maybe the US will offer a deterrent to turkeys aggression. Right now it’s a chess game between Mitsotakis and Erdogan.

    1. Yes, I can see the value of some US energy companies being involved on the Greek side. The situation is dangerous, to be sure.

    2. Let get real…the only deterrent to Turkey ..U.S will provide ..will be protecting their oil rigs in the Mediterranean,…just like they did in letting Turks invade Syria and kill Kurds..there own terrorist proxy army, who was promised part of Syria for assisting U.S in invading and overthrowing the government of Syria!

      The Turks are not interested in Greece..their interested in the Middle East Caliphate, now that the Greatest and most barbaric 860 billion dollar army.has been defeated by the smallest armies of Goat herders in the world in Vietnam, Afganistan, libya, Syria , Iraq , Yemen, Somalia, North Korea….and now at war with Iran, but may have a chance of beating ..since, the traitor Mistotakis has committed to join this war ..and now can add Iran and Iraq Turkey ..who want a piece of Mistotakis and the Greek patriots sitting in their State department shelters!

      So the number 28 seed in armies..simply has to unite with the Greek Cypriot Nation of Cyprus ..and become about a number 20 seed , of course, this would require a vote by the country of Cyprus..there people not the ruling cowards of Cyprus ..who will never give up their Political playground of power!

      You immediately buy the best Anti ballistic missile systems in the world ..from Russia..the same ones Turkey has! Sorry Manos ..for whatever reason you seem obsessed with China… they buy Russia System! Then you outfit both Cyprus and Greece with these systems..lights out for Turks!

  2. Greece needs to develop chemical and Biological missles. Needs to stop wasting money on German junk. It also needs to arm any group that hates Turks. Arm the Kurds to kill turkos throughout EU

  3. And Greece should also invite Chinnese and indian energy companies . Also buy missles from either China and India. Fck EU.

    1. Hey Manos… who cares who they get them from ..just as long as they are the best in the world..and can be serviced and trained to use! And guess what the best price

      Now Manos…that is a democratic Greece,not the one who went to Washington and was told your onyour own with Turkey.. but leave your purchase order at the door for those F-35’s!

      By the way.. Manos know US runs how do you expect to buy weapons from anybody but U.S! I mean..U.S publically states their number 1 enemies are China and Russia ..and there whole strategy is to stop any influence in Europe! Last week they told Germany they must stop theri companies from completing an Oil and Gas pipeline to Germany and neigboring european countries or face economic sanctions! Can you imagine ..what they will do to Greece!

      Silly you ..I bet you thought America was a Democracy! By the way ..I did not complete my other post..which says after getting your S=400s from Russia and advanced fighters..start blowing up every Turkish military plane that crosses into their airspace! -Dont’t worry, Turkey will stop ..and actually get scared that the cowards of Greece.are actually crazy enough to wage war on Turkey!

      What will happen to their remaping of the Middle East project

      No forget that, thanks to Mistotakis…Iran the enemy of Greece will probably assist Turkey…and Iraq will just laugh.and be happy that some other country in the region will now get decimated!

  4. Greece should also begin deporting the illegals back to Turkey and Germany. Shut down all borders and shoot down any Turko that violates Greek territory. Also bomb The GNA Libya Tripoli. Also deploy F16’s to Cyprus and Armenia

    1. Hey Manos.. I think you should read this from Reuters…to understand how Donald Trump will deal with Mistotakis or let me correct that has been running Greece and the other vassal states a Mobster! Iraq prime minister complete deal with China.

      There is now strong evidence that the China talks and the timing of the spontaneous October 2019 protests against the Abdul-Mahdi government , “Abdul-Medhi made a speech to Parliament speaking about how the Americans had ruined the country and now refused to complete infrastructure and electricity grid projects unless they were promised 50% of oil revenues, which Abdul-Mehdi refused.” He then quotes sections of Abdul-Mahdi’s speech translated from Arabic: “This is why I visited China and signed an important agreement with them to undertake the construction instead. Upon my return, Trump called me to ask me to reject this agreement. When I refused, he threatened to unleash huge demonstrations against me that would end my premiership. Huge demonstrations against me duly materialized and Trump called again to threaten that if I did not comply with his demands, then he would have Marine snipers on tall buildings target protesters and security personnel alike in order to pressure me. I refused again and handed in my resignation. To this day the Americans insist on us rescinding our deal with the Chinese.”

      You can bet..Tsipras and MIstotakis ..have been threatened with Chaos by U.S .if they do not turn over

  5. cont.

    the oil and gas resources to Exxon Mobil and their allies!

    Now we know why Tsipras did not remove U.S and Nato bases.because there are already a batch of Neo Nazi cells funded not only in Greece, but what they did in the Ukraine and Egypt..riot and destabilize the government not compliant to Trumps or any official fo the U.S government!

    Now we know..why Mistotakis wants to add more U.S bases in Greece!

    Manos..we in America are dealing with a Government.that is a Police State run by Organized Crime families , no different than Al Capones,.notorious mobster.who demanded that legitimate business operator hand over part of their companies profits and pledge allegiance to these order to be protected from unknown enemies in there neighborhood! However,if the business operator refused ..they would bomb his business! Then they would come back again and ask..and if the owner again refused ..they would kill him!

    Hence..the mob hit on the Iranian General invited to hold talks with the Iraqi government..and cutting into the Mobs territory!

    MIstotakis is under house arrest ..and why he went to meet with the Godfather Trump and get his marching orders!

    This is reality ..the Iraqi Prime Minister made this speech to his parliament ..explaining how they demading all U.S bases closes and troops out …Despicably the Furer..right in front of TNH and Western Media..tell them ..we leave when we want to leave..and we are not ready!

    This could get ugly!

    1. Thank you , Manos..for stating the obvious! However.. not only in Greece, but Brussels and Washington !

      This is reality …right in front of our eyes..they mutilate the military attaches of a sovereingn nation invited to review proposals by the Iraqi government to reduce tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia!

      Right in front of our eyes ..the mutilate the military attaches and soldiers of Iraq picking them up ..who have been on the front lines of fighting ISIS and Al Queda!

      Forget about the lies again by Trump ..there is no evidence ..NONE ..supporting that their was no imminent plans of any Iranian to attack any U.S bases!… Senator Ron Paul was briefed ..and ran out ot the White House ..screaming at the Media ..Trump and the JUNTA…had nothing ..and they didn’t even care!

      Today .. this impeachment scam only about who the next Godfather is to be… and which gang family..will benefits to continue the war on the world! NOTHING MORE!

      They do not even care what we say ..try to make them accountable!

      By who, the government Justice Department or FBI…have you noticed how they took care of Hillary ..enemy number one of America!

      We are impotent ..when the leader of your country ..simply can say ..I put a MOB HIT on the foreign citizens without any justification, then Baby American or Politicians dare to stand up to this government!

      And that in the end what Trump was delivering to the Impreachment comittees and American people!

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