EMBCA Panel Discussion on the Christian/Greek Genocide on Jan. 25 in Philly

During the Genocide’s death marches, an Armenian woman kneeling beside dead child in a field near Aleppo, Syria, as witnessed by the American Committee for Relief in the Near East. Photo: Public domain

PHILADELPHIA – EMBCA presents The Christian/Greek Genocide during the late Ottoman Period 1894-1924 Panel Discussion in Association with the Order of AHEPA Hercules- Spartan Chapter #26, and the AHEPA Hellenic Cultural Commission, on Saturday, Jan. 25, 11 AM at the Estia Restaurant, 1405 Locust Street in Philadelphia.

The event is free, underwritten by the event sponsors, and includes a complimentary lunch following the program, however, a reservation is required as per instructions on the EMBCA website.

The program includes an introduction by Paul Kotrotsios- Hellenic News of America Founder and Publisher and Hermes Expo International Founder and President, and by Louis Katsos- EMBCA Founder and President, AHEPA Empire State District 6 Governor; and Chairman AHEPA Hellenic Cultural Commission

The presenters are Dr. Peter Stavrianidis on Asia Minor: A Journey of Glory, Tradition and Genocide, Louis Katsos on The 30 Year Christian Genocide- 1894-1924, and

Paul Pavlakos on Ensuring Never Again: How You Can Get Involved in Hellenic Genocide Recognition Efforts.

EMBCA also announced that it applied and received federal income tax exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3). Donors can now deduct contributions made to EMBCA under IRC Section 170.

More information and event registration is available online: embca.com.