Cyprus Will Allow US Troops for Diplomat Evacuation if Iranian Conflict Occurs

In this image made from a video, mourners gather to pay their respects to the slain Gen. Qassem Soleimani who was killed in a U.S. airstrike, in Kerman, Iran Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2020. (Iran Press via AP)

Cyprus’ government has given the go-ahead to let an American an American Rapid Deployment Forces unit use the island as a base if a conflict erupts with Iran over the US assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani with a drone strike in Iraq near the airport.

The force would be used to evacuate the US Embassy, remove diplomats and American citizens if an emergency over Iran affects the island.

The Cyprus News Agency later cited a source saying the US request did not have anything to do with using the island as a launching pad for “military operations,” against Iran if there’s retaliation.

State-funded broadcaster RIK News aired video footage Jan. 9 showing a C130 cargo plane and five or six Chinook helicopters over Paphos, saying the aircraft landed and were on stand-by at Andreas Papandreou Air Force Base, an active field next to Paphos International Airport.


  1. No surprise here….as an American citizen demanding that the U.S joint chiefs of staff and Donald Trump be dragged into the International Criminal Court at the Hague for war crimes , crimes against Humanity, crimes against peace, abuse of power ..and flat out ..HOMICIDE against an Iraqi military deputy and an Iranian military General, and two other human being in the horrific mutilation murder in Iraq!

    These Actions based on lies , which could have been very easily been presented at any number of International Courts of laws…and instead of putting a mob hit on the Iranian Envoy…they could have arrested him at the airport ..since, ..there are plenty of Military hit man contractors and troops in Iraq!

    Therefore, this has exposed the brutal reality ..that America is the most brutal international Police State in world history, run by an organized crime family of mobsters, ..and the actions of the Cypriot people …not support what Turkey does to Greeks , Syrians and Iraqis..and part of U.S Nato war machine by allowing proven war criminals to use Cypriot territory to wage war on foreign countries, which they have allowed with another Nato member ..Britain to do in Cyprus ..also an acknowledged collaborator in the Iraq war crimes genocide of 600,000 Iraqis and Syria, is an insult to every Cypriot citizen who died in Northern Cyprus , and was never evacuated by the Cypriot Government!

    Cyprus is not a member of Nato…

    1. continued..
      But a pirate base for the most degenerate sub humans who publically commit genocide and atrocities as we saw Iraq! Today ..the fascist fuerer…tells the Iraqi people , after killing 600,000 of them, and then evoking war on them and American servicemen by committing an act of war from bases in Iraq..that He ..THE FASCIST LEADER of the most decadent Evangelical society of America , will defy orders from the Iraqi people to leave there country …and not make their people victims of American imperial wars! Did not the people of Cyprus not notice ..that Iran sent missiles into Iraq at U.S bases ..the source of the homicide of the envoy from Iran!

      It is you ..Greek Cypriot who allow Anastasiades and Mistotakis threaten the security and peace of your country…by making Americas enemies …the enemies of Cyprus!

      How pathetic for distort what this should represent to Greece! You have legitimized Turkish aggression by cooperating with US aggression, and now add Iraq, Iran , Syria , Russia , China , and of course the enemies of Cyprus. and legitimate target for war, when the Region soon becomes scorched by war!

      Soon Turkey will not be part of Nato…and will align with Iran, China, Russia , Syria, Iraq etc …that is why U.S is making Greece and Cyprus war fodder and wants more bases try and keep a grip of its police state empire..which Anastasiades and Mistotakis.willingly are part of!

    2. If Cyprus becoming friendly with US/NATO helps free Cyprus from turk occupation, as a Greek, do you not want that?

      More than 96% of Greeks in Cyprus voted for ENOSIS with the Motherland, like the other Greek islands. Turkey, Britain and the USA made sure that didn’t happen to please the terrorist “state” of “turkey”, which they use as a proxy to stop Russian expansion.

      If Cyprus becomes strategically important to the US/NATO and “turkey” gets squeezed out of NATO by their own ottoman parasitic behavior, perhaps turks will be removed from Cyprus once and for all.

      If Cyprus acts hostile to the US/NATO, then the US/NATO might get more friendly with enemy turks. Cyprus is not an independent country and is certainly not free. It is a Greek island under foreign control. The mainland Greek and Cypriot governments are united, as are the Cyprus and mainland people, ethnically, historically, culturally, religiously etc. This goes for all the Greek islands.

  2. Free Cyprus …..the only rationale statement you have made and true is …

    “Cyprus is not an independent country and is certainly not free. It is a Greek island under foreign control. The mainland Greek and Cypriot governments are united, as are the Cyprus and mainland people, ethnically, historically, culturally, religiously etc. This goes for all the Greek islands.”

    Then you irrationally ask ..If Cyprus becoming friendly with US/NATO helps free Cyprus from turk occupation, as a Greek, do you not want that?

    What planet are you a Greek from? Who has been more friendly to your US/Nato foreign occupiers than Anastasiades and the acknowledged corrupt governments of Greece and Cyprus?

    Who allows a Nato country Turkey to commit war crimes to ethnically and religiously cleanse Greek Cypriots from Northern Cyprus to take over 1/3 of the country of Cyprus!

    Who allows Nato countries Turkey and Britain launch war crimes bombing from bases in Cyprus ofIraq that has killed almost 3 million foreign citizens in Iraq, Afganistan, Syria, libya, Yemen ..and of course Iraq and now planning to kill 80 million Iranians!

    Who allows U.S and Nato to use Cyprus as a strategic launch point with Turkey to wage war with Russia who is not an enemy of anybody ..but US and vassal states of Nato, and who sends 800,000 tourist to the beaches of fill Cypriot treasury every year..while U..S sends about 400 to spy on Russia!
    Good job ..Free Cyprus .


    1. cont..

      Good Job, Free Cyprus ..and when you officially have Cyprus become part of Nato ..and become a threat to those 800,000 Russian Orthodox tourist ..and who represent about 55% of all your tourist business…you can ask me again .why a Greek would not want to join Nato for their friendly occupation!

      Today ..the government of Iraq, illegally occupied by U.S for past 20 years has been ordered by Iraq to get out of Iraq with there degenerate army and war machines…and told them “get out war occupiers”, and “we will not join you or cooperate with your wars ..and make Iraq a killing field for your wars”

      The U.S fascist state response was .. >WE decide if we want to leave, which sounds like Turkey in Cyprus!”

      Only Greek fascist collaborators in the Cypriot government would allow a fascist organization to deploy U.S troops in Cyprus not evacuate , but suppress the will of the Iraqi people! Only a corrupt government in Cyprus and Greece serve fascist to stay in power!

      Only Fascist join U.S., and Trump confesses the crimes of America. in tweet… ..

      ” US Killed Millions in War Based on Lies . “We went to war under a false & now disproved premise,

      “The United States has spent EIGHT TRILLION DOLLARS fighting and policing in the Middle East.
      Thousands of our Great Soldiers have died or been badly wounded. Millions of people have died on the other side. GOING INTO THE MIDDLE EAST”

      Free Cyprus would join mobsters and liars!

    2. Nobody is defending American or NATO expansionist behavior here.

      Those who run America control the population at home with decisive “us vs them” identity politics, using liberal “pets” based on race, sex and sexual orientation among others to secure votes. Then, at the same time, try and control the world by proxy.

      The entire global situation can be summed up as follows: America (and who is REALLY in charge) vs Russia. Both waging proxy wars, both real violent conflicts, economic sanctions etc to dominate.

      That is why America/NATO allowed and still allows turkish filth occupying a Greek island. Turkey which is Greek Anatolia and West Armenia is a huge land mass that sits between NATO and Russia. The West has propped up turkey militarily as a proxy puppet force, thus making turkey the second largest NATO military. If turkey stops being allied to the West, it will go to Russia. Either way, the Greeks cannot assert themselves against turkey, America or NATO.

      Because the mainland Greek and Cyprus governments are not dominant, or helpful to stop Russian expansion, (or NATO’S), the West ignores turkey’s blatant evil crimes. Greece’s (which includes the Greek island of Cyprus) authorities are in survival mode. They cannot afford to tell NATO to fuck off. If they could, they would and Cyprus would be free.

      The world is a sick place.

  3. .

    Greek Cyprus you are right! And Yes,.it is a very sick world of degenerate government crazed for power and money!

    However, the important message is that you are aware of the evil that now tramples not only Cyprus but the world to take over the economic,political and military sovereignty of the independent countries of the world!

    Sadly, the measure of Cyprus is allowing Nato British bases to operate on Cyprus to launch illegal wars, and simply, represent cooperation to war crimes!

    The greatest degenerates in history are the British ..who are a ruling class of Anglo white supremacist racist
    entitled to take over the countries of the world…as stated by the founder of the British entitlement…

    Colonialist Winston Churchill who stated in 1937,

    “I do not admit for instance that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indians of America or the black people of Australia. I do not admit that a wrong has been done to these people by the fact that a stronger race, a higher-grade race, a more worldly-wise race to put it in that way has come in and taken their place.”

    Today ..the former Anglo british subjects and allies ..America continue this war on the world..not Russia…and allowing U.S troops to launch wars into Iraq..who has requested the removal of this Anglo White supremacist from continuing to take over Iraq…should be an affront to every Greek Cypriot whose family members died to throw out the British and…

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