Letter from Athens: Golden Done!

Golden Dawn Drooler (you really can’t call him a spokesman since he can’t put a complete sentence together without wiping the spit off his bib) Ilias Kasidiaris – who, I kid you not, said he wants to run for Mayor of Athens although he couldn’t govern a doghouse – said his party of subhuman troglodyte Hitlerites will sue anyone who slanders them, such as calling them neo-Nazis.


AP Photo/Thanassis Stavrakis
Lawmakers of the Golden Dawn party, Ilias Kasidiaris, center, and Ilias Panayiotaros, center back, are escorted by anti-terror police to a court for a preliminary hearing into charges of participating in a criminal organization in Athens, Tuesday.


He’s right in one respect: Golden Dawn members aren’t neo-Nazis, quasi-Nazis, pseudo-Nazis, crypto-Nazis or wannabe-Nazis. They’re Nazis. Without the brains. These are the people you want running Greece? They couldn’t spell cat if you spotted them the “c” and the “a” although population control would improve once they either killed or deported anyone who couldn’t prove they were directly related to King Leonidas.

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, after mollycoddling these lizards for 15 months in an attempt to mollify their base of disenchanted, disenfranchised Greeks disgusted that he’s been burying them under pay cuts, tax hikes, slashed pensions and now is going to fire as many as 40,000 public workers, smelled the threat when he ordered the arrest of the Golden Dawn’s leader on charges of running a criminal gang, which it is.

That came in the wake of the murder of a brave, 34-year-old anti-fascist hip-hop artist named Pavlos Fyssas, whose music ridiculed the cowardly bullies of Golden Dawn and, when a fight broke out at a tavern when someone mocked them, stood up and fought toe-to-toe with one of its minions before a knife was put into his heart.

Fyssas, in his music and his fists when he had to, fought these Nazis like a Greek. No matter what Golden Dawn says about wanting a Greece only for Greeks, you can’t be a Nazi and a Greek. As Winston Churchill noted in the resistance against Nazis: “From now on, we shall say that heroes fight like Greeks.”

The killing was the trigger to crack down on the nutcases, but Samaras had another motive: Golden Dawn leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos, one of those arrested along with five other of the party’s 18 Members of Parliament – including Kasidiaris – had threatened to pull his people out, which could have created the need either for new national elections or by elections to replace them.

Either way, Samaras sensed that his Neville Chamberlain-style of appeasement wasn’t working because in the 15 months since he and the Golden Dawners were elected, they had gone from 6.97 percent of the vote to nearly double that by cracking the heads of immigrants, Communists, leftists, gays, atheists, and their perceived enemies of Greece. It was always odds of 30- or 40-1 though because if one of them had to face someone one-on-one they’d faint faster than a politician picked up on a sex charge.

Since going easy on them didn’t work, Samaras correctly chose the method of going after them legally for their – alleged – crimes, but even a Greek court could find these guys guilty given the mountain of evidence piling up against them, including that Michaloliakos, who in real life isn’t qualified to run a hot dog stand, fancied himself the prodigy of Hitler and had his acolytes call him Fuhrer.

If it talks like a Nazi, goose-steps like a Nazi, and conducts assaults like a Nazi, it’s a Nazi. In Golden Dawn’s world, it’s still 1944 – before the Americans, British, Canadians, and Greeks started kicking Nazi ass back to Berlin – and Hitler is still alive, perhaps somewhere on the far side of the moon or one of the characters in Dead Snow, one of the better Nazi Zombie movies.

Greek prosecutors said Michaloliakos, a mental midget who could, however, double as the Penguin in Batman, used Hitler’s playbook in running his organization, and had a Nazi-style organizational setup, right down to beating insubordinates and sending out hit squads on motorcycles to beat immigrants, leftists, Communists, and gays with sticks holding the Greek flag. Now there’s a real patriot for you.

Golden Dawn was said to be recruiting susceptible young Greeks with martial arts skills, and, likely, single digit IQs and no education, because those are the gullible types that fall for this Nazi propaganda. They were told there was no Holocaust, no concentration camps, and that six million Jews and millions of others the Third Reich tabbed as enemies apparently just disappeared.

Samaras is rightfully getting some plaudits for going after Golden Dawn after playing nice-nice to siphon off its voters. But while there have been hundreds of assaults – and at least one murder – of an immigrant since Samaras took office in June 2012, it took the killing of a Greek to wake him up.

And don’t bet that the sweep would have been conducted even for that if Michaloliakos hadn’t made the mistake of saying he would yank his 18 Members of Parliament in a bid to force a new election.

Visiting New York, Samaras said he would eradicate Golden Dawn, apparently figuring he could gain all those voters if that party were to disappear. “There is no room for the neo-Nazis in any part of the democratic world, and there is no tolerance for the neo-Nazis – or for any kind of extremism – undermining democratic institutions,” Samaras said. That would have been a nice inaugural speech 15 months ago.