Prime Minister Mitsotakis at AHEPA’s Official Banquet in Tarpon Springs (Video)

Prime Minister of Greece Kyriakos Mitsotakis at the Innisbrook Resort with Mayor of Tarpon Springs Chris Alahouzos and members of AHEPA. (Photo: Christodoulos Athanasatos/The National Herald)

TARPON SPRINGS – Prime Minister of Greece Kyriakos Mitsotakis was welcomed to the events hall of the Innisbrook Resort in Tarpon Springs accompanied by his wife, Mareva, in time for the official dinner event event organized by AHEPA in honor of the Epiphany where the Prime Minister will be the keynote speaker.

Mr. Mitsotakis spoke for a brief time in a private meeting room with, amongst others, Representative Gus Bilirakis, his father and former congressman Michael Bilirakis, Tarpon Springs Mayor Chris Alahouzos, AHEPA Supreme President George Horiatis, Treasurer Savvas Tsivikos and the event chair Steven Sakoulas.

Prime Minister Mitsotakis was initially greeted by Archbishop Elpidophoros of America and Rep. Bilirakis along with Mayor Alahouzos and Metropolitan of Atlanta, Mr. Alexios.

Following these meetings the Prime Minister worked his way into the event hall to the sound of hearty applause.


  1. So far ..we have the Governor of Greece.. Mistotakis ,,, described by the New York Times as right wing extremist, making his farewell tour as Governor, who has met with the indicted Bibi Netanyahue the Jewish Mafia leader of Israel for fraud, money, laundering Bribery and paying off an Israeli Newspaper to tell his lies as to why he is called an Aparthied State and a war criminal in slaughtering Palestinians and bombing Syrians in Syria to protect his Al Queda proxyHe armies killing Orthodox Christians in Syria

    He will also be meeting with the now impeached President of the United States and three time war Criminal Donald Trump who just legitimized the Assassination of any foreign officials meeting with any foreign government, who Donnie and Bibi hate , because these officials were successfully killing their proxy armies of Terrorist ISIS and Al Queda! He visits a deranged white supremacist ..who tell the world now ..”I had to kill them stop a War! And now the Iraq government.. wants Donnie to close his bases , and take his troops out of Iraq!.

    It just does not get any better than this…. Donnie tell the people of Iraq . while he has lied about taking troops out of Syria to the U.S public , after 20 years .. he refuses to remove the troops because he want Iraq to pay a billion dollars for closing the US bases used to kill 600,000 Iraqis !

    Mistotakis ..will join indicted Ahepan Robert Menendez ..the Number 1 Israeli agent…

  2. cont..
    of Israel in the U.S congress and be toasted in Tarpon Springs Fl.. which apparently the home for wayward Greek American Patriots of the Glory to America and Israel ..Greek Secret Society of Ahepa Masons!;

    Mistotakis apparently has signed up with the rest of the Geriatric members of the Ahepa Masons to be part of their version of the Florida Fantasy Baseball camps , where Greek American members of the Ahepa Mason and Mistotakis can make believe and finally fulfill there wet dreams and make believe, they are Stalin , Hitler,. Bush, Clinton , Trump..etc and get a rush .. in having the power to commit genocide of the citizens of the world ..for the “Glory to America and Israel ”

    Mistotakis , you must be as deranged as Donald Trump thinking that starting a war ..will help him keep his job If you think these clown mean anything to the Greek American Community..other than watching them after church sit in a corner of the church.having a cup of coffee, and gossiping about there fellow brothers.. and the lack of suckers to join their fraudulent secret society!

    The only thing they can provide to you is another picture with the Fat Boy leader and his band of Brown shirts who support all the icons of their Fantasy camp all war criminals and indicted mobsters parading ,so you can go back to Greece and fool the people of Greece that you are supported by the Greek Community!”

    Unfortunately, Mistotakis who you hang out who you are! Not good!

    1. Mr Yianakos it seems to me that with your philosophy we’re going for one extreme to the other and that never solves anything. According what I gathered from you it’s alright for the Turks to invade the Greek airspace at will. Have a dictator from Turkey control the whole Mediterranean sea profit from natural gas and oil from Cyprus and Greece. What you need to realize the whole world is going to have to deal with power crazy Hitler Erdogan and he needs to be stopped before is too late. And by your thinking it’s OK for the Iranian terrorists general to plot and kill American troops. The only thing that will work in this complex world is ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ. What do you think the Turks will do if we invade their air space and steal their natural resources. Think about it and give me a reasonable answer that would work.

  3. The City of Tarpon Springs is a bad neighbor, they have conspired with local land developers Pioneer Homes run by George Stamas and George Zutes to purchase rural Pinellas Count land, and then quickly annex and rezone it from rural agricultural land to high density suburban at the expense of their neighbors. Those of us that have lived next to the city for several decades are now being subjected to money hungry developers and a city bending over backwards to kiss their a$$es.

    I say it again, Tarpon Springs with its current Mayor and City Commissioners are bad neighbors and care not one bit about the negative effects they are having on those outside of their community. Shame on them!

    1. Jefferson David… what you discribe is nothing more than what BiBi Netanhyahue and Donald Trump are doing in the entire world! What do you call .. annexing Afganistan, Iraq, libya, Syria, Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba ,Yemen.. and it goes on and on! Heck, Bibi and violation of all UN resolutions ..have just annexed the Golan Heights .. is is ocuppied Syrian Lands , they have just confioscated the oil and gas fields of Syria to exploit and smuggle oil and gas their their Nato ally..Turkey! .

      They have together collaborated to attempt to Assassinate the Greek Orthodox Patriacrch of Jerusalem because he has spoken up about another ethnic and religious cleansing of the Palestinian Christians from Bethlehem and Israel .. by moving them out of their homes and adding more Jewish Settlers ! The population of Christians in Bethlehem has dropped by 80% due to the same practices apparently in Tarpon Springs! The U.S and Israel are an organized Crime family different than those who ran Murderers inc .. the notorious assasination arm of the mob.. founded by the most notorious Jewish Mafia .. Bugsy Segal and Meyer Lansky!

      Then you have this degenerate Sadist and Cult fanatics of the Ahepa Masons…who without TNH .would just be another social club for retirees to keep themselves busy and important, like this pathetic sub human Tom Portarites.. defending the Glory to America and Israel by distorting my positions on Turkey to conceal …


  4. cont..

    and hide the fact .. that it is okay for his Fascist brothers to do all these things Turks have done .. and excuse me .. much more in committing Crimes against Peace , Genocide, Ethnic and religious cleansing of Greek Orthodox Christians and Shia Muslims in the entire Middle East on behalf of the Suinni Muslim Jihadist sponsored by Saudi Arabia and Israel ..all part of the alliance to remap control of the Middle East resources and people!

    But this cult of depraved secret society which we have as to what other secret societies they are part . of .or what there own Agenda is..which has nothing to do with Supporting Greeks ..but simply a front for the U.S state dept and the Fat boys friends from the Jewish Pro Israel lobbies!

    However.. the slave members should follow what the greatest American Patriot said.. as follows /

    ” So often I have castigated those who by silence or inaction condemned and thereby cooperated
    with the evils of Racial injustice. I Ihad to therefore, speak out if I was to erase my name from the
    bombs which fall over North and South Vietnam

    From the Cannisters of Napalm ..The time had was past due when I had to
    Disavow and Disasociate myself from those who in the name of peace..Burn, Maim and Kill”..

    The REV Martin Luther King Jr .. assassinated

  5. Finally, regarding the institutionalization of the process of voting for expatriates, Mitsotakis expressed his satisfaction, however, reiterating his firm position that the law should not be restricted, but the obligation to the overwhelming majority pushed him to retreat.

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