Letter to the Editor: Responding to Smashers of the Orthodox Church

To the Editor:

In response to “Smashers of the Orthodox Church” (December 30): The Ukrainian Orthodox Church whose Bishops have valid ordinations and consecrations and possess the requisites of apostolicity, catholicity, and canonicity is being fiercely persecuted and is subject to the seizure of Churches and violence towards its clergy and faithful by the followers of the fake entity known as “Orthodox Church of Ukraine.” Within the Church of Greece, the seeds of schism have been sown as a result of the pressure tactics directed against Greek Bishops by the American Ambassador to Greece, Geoffrey Pyatt.

There are at least twelve Bishops and countless priests, monastics, theologians, and faithful in Greece who have condemned the recognition of the schismatic OCU by the Ecumenical Patriarch and the Archbishop of Athens. As with the Church of Greece, the Patriarchate of Alexandria has been badly destabilized by the decision made by Patriarch Theodoros (without the consent of his synod) to establish communion with the Ukrainian schismatics. As with the Church of Greece, a dangerous division has opened within the Patriarchate of Alexandria. To make matters even worse, the authorities of Montenegro, apparently inspired by the example of Ukraine is demanding recognition of Bishops who are in schism from the Serbian Orthodox Church.

Indeed, a Serbian Bishop in Montenegro was beaten by Police for protesting government plans to confiscate property belonging to the Serbian Orthodox Church. The terrible events taking place in Ukraine, Greece, Alexandria and Africa, Montenegro, and Mount Athos (where there are also divisions) owe their origins exclusively to the decision of Constantinople to establish communion with an illegitimate entity masquerading as a Church. The Ecumenical Patriarchate as recently as 2014 had declared that it recognized only the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Metropolitan Onuphry of Kiev.

There is indeed pressure being imposed on the Orthodox Churches but it is not coming from Russia. Last August, the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece announced it would not be discussing the Ukrainian issue at its October session. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo flew to Athens to meet with the Archbishop and surprise, surprise, the Church of Greece recognized the Ukrainian schismatics. More recently, Ambassador Pyatt in a speech in Athens openly endorsed the Church of Greece’s recognition of the Ukrainian schismatics as if these Church matters were any business of his.


Theodore G. Karakostas

Boston, MA


  1. Theodore .. I must commend you for telling the truth, and getting Diamataris and his gang of Greek Secret society of Glory to America and Israel Ahepan brown shirts who are frauds and self appointed and unelected leaders of the Greek community!

    Because they are merely a front networking organization of a lodge of fantrical cult followers of mason who support anything ..including assassinations of foreign diplomats visiting Iraq.by US gutless and war crimes pilots from get this ..U.S bases in Iraq and now waging an unauthorized war. against Iran!

    Patrick Theros Jeffrey Pyatt and the murdered Stevens are all U.S ambassdors. who.fall into the classification of crazy.and deranged evil ones.

    All them were ambassadors in the Middle East working with the C.I.A and State department to release ..a foreign policy of Regime change of all the countries of the Middle East and Ukraine not compliant to the interests of the degenerate Tyrants of the international police state of America . He supported the most evil religious fanatics of history to do he dirty work in overthrowing these government..like libya representing crimes against humanity and peace for millions of citizens of the Middle East\

    Geoffrey is a bonafide war criminal and should be sent to the international criminal court at the haque for what he did not only in libya, but in coordinating and funding as U.S ambassador to the Ukraine.. the coup of the elected leaders of the Ukraine.

    1. cont..

      It is Geoffrey Pyatt ..who is featured in You tube with State department deputy Victoria Nuland having a conversation two weeks before the coup ..in selecting who was going to make up the government of the Ukraine, and how the EU should cooperate with what Geoffrey Pyatt wanted in taking over the government of the Ukraine. For his good work.. he incited a civil war between the installed leader of the Ukraine . Victor Porchenko. who is a Neo Nazi Oligark..just like half the government of America .. and the Ethnic Russian population of Eastern Ukraine responding to the ouster of there elected leader! Today the war goes on .. and Pyatt despicably with TNH..call the civil war an invasion by Russia. when it is Pyatt who divided and killed thousands!

      Today.. Pyatt is the new prime minister of Greece.. and still representing the interest of U.S tyrants at war with Russia , because they are the only legitimate threat to their dominance of the world!

      In his capacity as you accurately described .he ordered the fraud Bartholomew, in his war with Russia, to join him, and fulfill in his demented mind, that the Orthodox Church represented a threat to his plans to take over all the countries of Eastern Europe dominated by the Orthodox faithful who have a religous connection to the Russian Orthodox country of Russia!

      Why did Pyatt and Bartholomew .. wage war on the Orthodox church in the Ukraine… and have us watch Victor Porchenko , the former Neo Nazi …

  2. cont..

    and now indicted for corruption and bribery leader of the Ukraine.. stand and taint the altars of Bartholomews Cathedral in Turkey with his blood soaked hands of ethnic Orthodox Russian Ukrainians he killed in Eastern Ukraine for the benefit of Pyatt.. with the ex communicated fraud Bartholomew and now state department front.to celebrate the division of the entire Orthodox church.for 30 pieces of Silver!

    Pyatts associate in crimes state what is the only interest of a Fascist empire and Bartholomew..

    U.S War department Secretary, and former V.P of Ratheon Military Contrator .“Our National Defense Strategy emphasizes that our principal concern is to counter Russia’s sovereign independence, its growing regional and global influence, it economic, financial, military and technological development, he failed to explain, adding:
    “I need to redeploy (Pentagon) forces to the area” to increase the US military footprint in a part of the world,.but not its own, like Greece!

    Geoffrey Pyatt,.the current Prime MInister of Greece.should be removed with U.S and Nato bases., and Bartholomew should be removed from our Orthodox church and banned from ever entering Greece or any other country of the world except the United States ..where he will fit in very well ..preaching to the brain dead Greek Orthodox community that currently support freaks , degenerates, and war mongers!

    Theodore..thank you for telling the truth..something, missing in TNH for a long time!t.

    1. Does anyone have the meds for Mike Gee-I’m-a-joke-os? A refill is needed immediately. Call 24 hour Walgreen’s pharmacy in Flushing.

    2. Giannakos must be affiliated with TNH as an agent provocateur. He never gets censored the way plenty others do. At least limit him to one comment per article.

  3. Does Bartholomew’s priests bless bombs and nukes like they do in Russia? Are Greeks killing other neighbouring Orthodox Christians like Russians did to Ukraine? By all means, if you all want to side with the former KGB Russian bishop in Moscow then go ahead. But don’t pretend that Kiril is a holy and innocent player. Shame on you for supporting a foreign bishop and damaging the only ancient Greek institution left in the world, the Ecumenical Patriarch who has “isa presbeia” with Rome from the Ecumenical Council of Chalcedon.

    1. LIthobolos… clearly another Glory to America and Israel Zombie from the Greek secret Society of Ahepa Masons ..who spits out Narrative directly from the C.I.A and Mossad mobsters!

      To understand the depravity and danger these Greek secret societies represent to not only Greeks, but all normal innocent citizens of the world ..in promoting war with any country like Iran or most of the Middle East who has already slaughtered million of Orthodox Christians ..and Lithobolos favorite Israeli Jewish fanatic..the Shia muslim faithful ..who happen to be the countries that are in the way of there Greater Anglo Evangelical U.S and Zionist Israel alliance to remap the Middle East to their control without any regard for the 4 million they have already killed ..and the 80 million they are hoping to add in Iran!

      No Bartholomews can never bless U.S or Russian Bombs ..because that duty is of course ..that of the Anglo Evangelical Christians who represent the majority population of America!

      No Bartholomew supports the killing of Orthodox Christians by his degenerate war criminals in Washington in Syria! Did Bartholomew bless the clergy , and Patrriarch of the Greek, Coptic, Syrian Orthodox Church of Syria , Lebanon , and Jerusalem when they went to Washington and demanded that Joe Biden, John McCain and Barack Obama stop arming the terrorist Sunni Muslim Jihadist burning Orthodox and Catholic churches, slaughtering clergy and faithful, which Bartholomew.

    2. Ummm yes Bartholomew can choose to bless the weapons and bombs of the army of Greece but he doesn’t. So could Ieronymos of Athens but he doesnt. KGB agent Kiril blesses Putin’s nukes.

  4. I believe it was St. John Chrysostom who said that when there is trouble and division in the church first look to the bishops.

    1. cont..

      So Repanidi .. this is not directed to you ..but just continuing to dissect the fraud running the Greek Orthodox church.. and to have all Greeks recognize.. this Patriach is no different than the Pope..in collaborating with Adolph Hitler in the extermination of millions of Jews and other minorities in Germany, just to stay in power!

      Which Bartholomew never supported or joined to Protect his Orthodox faithful!

      Yes , the only legitimate leader of the Orthodox church representing the largest population in the world ..Krill . did bless the Russian air force to go to Syria to fight Sunni Muslim Terrorist of the U.S and Saudi Arabia killing Orthodox Christians in Syria!

      And brain dead lithobozo and Spiro wack job…. for the first time in eight years .. the city of Allepo liberated by Russian Airforce and Syrian troops .. celebrated Christmas with their families…FU Greek Secret Societies!

      Lithobolos.. you are confused .. it is the former Ukrainian President of the Ukraine ..Victor Porchenko who sent in Nazi storm troopers to kill the Russian Orthodox Christian Ukainians when Eastern Ukraine separated from the rule of a known Neo Nazi oligark installed by Geoffrey Pyatt and U.S to wage war on Russia! Porchenko has been indicted for corruption, birbery, and soon war crimes with Joe Biden..your hero!

      Enough of your anti Russian script read from the State dept and TNH… which are simply fabrications to incite hate and hostilities against Russia!

  5. Hey Merle…

    Have you been censored ? Maybe ..its because .. you, Spiro and the rest of the Glory to America and Israel Greek Secret Society Ahepa Zombies ..can’t write anything more than what TNH feeds you and the rest of the brain dead Greek community!

    Don’t blame TNh…they work for you and your organization to censor anything written by you and Spiro..which embarrasses their image of your Secret Society of Brown shirts ..Greek style!

    Why don’t you try refuting my criticism of your Zombies who worship freaks, indicted criminal, war criminals and fla tout frauds in the U.S , Greek, and Israeli governments by actually providing the readers with facts and evidence to refute my case against people like you responsible for the deaths of millions of people!

    Calling people Anti American, Anti Semitic, Anti Greek, Russian Agents does nothing for us readers, we need some meat from you! I mean Spiro ..you seem to expect everyone to hate mean..just because I tell the truth! I mean Spiro , why don’t you have the chops to provide all the facts that refute my arguments.

    For example ..you guy tell the readers not to trust me ..because I am deranged on medications! You also are making these statements, while nobody knows who you are , and as if you are Mother Teresa!

    You and Donald Trump are the same ..liars and decievers! For example Donnie just told the world ..that he assassinated or put a mob hit on an Iranian envoy.invited by the Iraqi…

    1. cont..

      and then tell the world and even to the embarrassment of TNH…that he Donald Trump has saved the world from war by starting the war by killing the envoy of Iran from U.S bases in Iraq which killed 600000 Iraqis.!

      It then get even more embarrassingly for TNH… The installed Iraqi government cannot even muster this ..and now order the Furer and degenerate U.S citizens and troops out of Iraq ..which also serves the wants of common American citizens.! And what does the lunatics with Trump tell them. NO..not until you pay us billions of dollars for the bases we have to close!

      I did not make that up ..the same bases that destroyed trillions of dollars of Iraqi homes, hospital and military bases… like those inflicted on Greece by Nazi Germany..must be payed for , before America leaves Iraq! Now .. what does it say about the U.S government!

      like Trump .. your narratives are pathetically unsalable to TNH readers and embarrassing to the credibility of TNH!

      Of course, they throw you out! Yes TNH loves me..because I provide the truth and counter point to each of there Narratives, but based on facts to support them….for Free!

      What would Peter Pan be without Captain Hook? What would Patrick Theros be without me ..since nobody ever comments on his fraudulent Anti Russian State department arguments!

      Patrick Theros know he can’t print the truth..which Donnie again has exposed to the world! Censor ..that]s un American! …

  6. Hey lithobolos ..

    How much doe Putin pay me? Maybe..you can respond ..and tell all of the few reader of this pubication .what lies I am being payed for..that you and your sick Greek Society think I am telling?

    It you do not respond… there is a good chance ..that like Merle..you will have your post removed ..since , it is an embarrassment to TNH and their Greek Secret Societies!

    We all wait your response..and please ..lets have some meat..I mean anything that reflects well on TNH and there Secret Society of Zombies

  7. Could you lithobozo..clarify this . .so you do not have any dispute with me ..and I do not tell lies ..since , obviously you have been given an opportunity to refute all the allegations against Bartholomew.collusion with the Minister of Greece , Geoffrey Pyatt, the former President of the Ukraine Neo Nazi Oligark and now indicted for corruption ..and by the way .breaking News…leading Ukrainian Officer of Victor Porchenko..has spilled the beans .and is part of a documentary revealing that Bartholomes best friend ..orchestrated with British Intelligence to shoot down Malaysian Airliner over the Ukraine, in order to blame Russian back Ukrainian Separistist to get that billion dollar package from Joe Biden and the military hardware to kill Ukranian Orthodox Christians in Eastern Ukraine..who did not like their elected President removed by Victor and his best friend , Joe Biden!

    So, we can conclude that you and your Secret Society agree with my article, and that Spiro and Merle ..do not represent the positions of your Secret Society!

    Okay ..what ever floats your boat .Mate! By the way ..Mate your Anglo British white supremacist class has again committed crimes against Mankind ..Mate! I assume we are going to also shortly discover ..that it was British Intelligence ..Mate ..who murdered that double agent Skripil to incite hostilities with Russia, and created the chemical weapons hoax in Duma Syria to commit war crimes bombing of Syria

    Bad answer!

    1. Russians killed Orthodox Christians in Ukraine and KGB agent Kiril kicked out that Ukrainian Orthodox from the Crimea. If you want to join a church run by excommies go right ahead.

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